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 The Rainbow Scale

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PostSubject: The Rainbow Scale   Wed Nov 06, 2013 7:27 am

*When two meet during an unlikely encounter, their curiosity brings them together, and a friendship is born out of each other's company.

My father proudly escorted me to a body of fresh water as I was being cautious of what I said in response to his appraises. I definitely did not want to upset him, especially now that he is in a good mood. He laughed and congratulated me very much, that it became difficult to keep my attention to him, even while I was terrified to be so inattentive. I giggled back and smiled as I laid my hands on my chest, reminding myself of the bond I have created, represented around my neck. Protective homes of the oceans' tongue were the decor of my mating amulet, mere leftovers of the grand feast we had before setting off to find a proper birthing ground. It all occurred so much in one time, preventing me to understand what my new role is. I am unsure if I am prepared for such a role. Am I ready to give up my life to dedicate myself in creating life of my own? Can I bear watching my own daughters turn to a fate the same as mine? What about my sons? Will I be able to mold them into worthy suitors? I do not wish to be in this situation. I am too grief stricken to be ready for such a task.

As my father inspected the potential area, I dozed off into these stressful thoughts. I must have looked so, because my father came to comfort me. With a smile, it was clear he was proud of whom he had raised. He reassured me of my duties, and held me dearly before departing back home. This was my new potential birthing ground. A fresh water pocket surrounded by gigantic plants that rooted deeply into the ground, and sprouted green, leathery weeds that rustled in the wind, and gracefully fell on the ground when plucked. I have not seen my potential mate in quite some time though. After the grand feast, my father immediately took me on a search for mating ground. It was an agonizingly long search, but now I can rest. I must rest, before my mate shows up to claim his ownership of me. From what I have heard from the older mothers, the first time is always the most intense. This terrorizes me. I must rest, and I must rest now. My body is tired, and my mind is numb. I take off my mating amulet, and lay to rest.

I awoke to a commotion from the surface. The light from above the water was glaring, making my eyes ache. I slowly went to the source of the commotion - closer - closer to the surface. Through the calm, visible, barrier of water, I saw a peculiar figure sitting at the edge, staring at the horizon it seemed, but the tall, enormous plants made it impossible to see far at all. This figure...what is it? It looks like it is having a small feast himself. This peaked my curiosity, so slowly, I raised my eyes above the barrier of water, getting a clearer picture of the figure. It was a human boy. He was feasting on a very peculiar type of food, one I have never seen before. It was not long before he looked my way, so I ducked back down the water, scared to show myself to him. Through the water, I heard him speak loudly. It was not a language I was familiar with. His voice was demanding, and I was not going to rise back up to meet his anger. When he calmed down, I then rose back up, further away now, and observing him. He was still feasting, looking out into the distance. He looked my way again, only this time, seemingly still in his daze. I stood completely still, hoping he would not see me. Suddenly, he spoke with a calm and sympathetic voice, looking straight at me. I flinched backward, deciding at the last second not to dive back down, then I realized what I just did not do. Now I was detected, and terrified of it. He spoke again, holding out his hand over the water. What does he want? Is he looking to harm me? Well, how can he? I could drown him if he turned aggressive.

Slowly, I approached him, keeping vigilant eye contact. As I got closer, I could see more clearly what he looked like and what he was wearing. He had strange dark colored skin, and his head was nearly void of any growths. He had a large cloth around his torso, in the color of the blanket of plants that cover the seabed, with odd symbols on his chest. He had an even larger blue cloth around his reproductive area, and went down his split tail about half way, just after a large joint for each. He also had complicated coverings on his two lower tails, which were also very dark in color. I managed to get close enough to be able to touch his offered hand, but I still kept only my eyes above water. His face was molded into bliss and amazement, but I was still hesitant to be so close. For seconds, we stayed like that, with his hand offered to me, and both staring into each others' eyes. Very cautiously, I took my hand out of the water, considering feeling the skin in his hand. He made a sudden move, making me anxious, and flinch away, but I continued to let my curiosity get the better of me. I slid my fingers across his palm, and he gently grasped my hand. His skin...it was soft...like a smooth rock, and the grooves in his palm felt like the grooves on a sea tongue's home. His face was still frozen in amazement. I carefully slid my hand from his humble grip, and held it out to feel his face. It was much smoother, with some rough spots here and there where his facial growths should be. He then felt my face, with his dry land-dwelling hands.

Before I knew it, my upper torso was well above the water from trying to reach his face. He was staring at my body, which felt uncomfortable, so I quickly ducked back down to cover my torso. Then, I smelled something...rather delicious. It was an undeniable smell. It was the meat of a fish. My stomach growled under the water. I was hungry, but...how do I get food in these remote waters? Suddenly, the boy said something to me in a reassuring tone. I could not understand what he said, but his smile was welcoming. I smelled the air again, and looked passed the boy to see what he was ingesting. My stomach growled again. He spoke again, and went over to pick up what he was eating. He offered it to me with a smile. I was not sure of my safety, but it seemed to be under control, so I slowly grabbed the piece of food, and observed it. There were two slabs of soft and porous holdings with the color of sand. Together, they held delectable fish meat, and another strange and delectable smell. The holdings were getting soaked from my wet grip, and the boy urged me with fast hand gestures. I carefully took a bite...

It...it was amazing! The fish meat was from a common delicacy, but there was something else making the flavor stand out. I gouged down on the food, finishing it in seconds, licking my fingers as closure. The boy laughed, then turned around back to his collection of food. He turned back around to me, and offered me a round object, with the color of blood. I was frightened by this color, and flinched back into the water. The boy laughed again, hysterically. He spoke in his assuring tone, and bit into it with a crunch sound. He showed me the inside of the object...it was the color of my own skin. He offered me the blood object again. I reluctantly took it. It was shiny, and smooth, yet felt somewhat hollow. I looked around for a good spot to take a bite, but everywhere was deemed too awkward to bite into. I found the boy's bite mark, and use that to get a good grip on the object. I bit in hard, and a piece easily sliced off for me to chew on it. Delicious! It was sweet, and juices were dancing in my mouth. I continued to eat into the object until all around, it's bloody skin was eaten off, and it was getting skinnier. When I went to make the last bite, the boy let out a stern cry, holding his hand out vertically. It made me jump. The boy held out his hand with a stern look, demanding the almost eaten object from me. Well...it was his. Maybe he wants the rest. I sadly handed the object back to him, waiting to see him eat it. Strangely, he did not, he discarded it! How could he?! That was not fair! I could have had the rest!

He sat down, crossing his twin tails, and looking at me. He made idle gestures, looking rather embarrassed. I would stare back at him, continuing to observe his appearance and movements. After some time passed, I smiled for the first time at him. I took out my hand, and rubbed my thumb across his forehead as farewell, and dove back down into the water, going back to rest.

The next day when I awoke, I was thinking about the boy again. I headed back to the place we met to reminisce about him. To my amazement, the boy was back. I smiled brightly, and rushed over to see him. I must have surprised him, because as I was coming at full speed, he fell down on his bottom, watching me approach. I quickly raised my head and torso above the water, smiling at him. He laughed, and turned around to a big sack. He pulled out food from the sack, and turned back around. He had two of the same fish meat packages with him this time, but they were twice as big as the one before. He handed me one happily, to which I carefully took it, wondering why this one is bigger. He started eating his package, watching me blissfully. I looked at mine, and began to eat it. It tasted the same as before, but I was glad it was bigger this time. After I was finished, licking my fingers as closure, he offered me a long and thin object with a brighter color than my skin. I accepted it, thoroughly observing it. He made a quick sound, and spoke to me. He was holding the same object too. He took the small protrusion of the object, and twisted it, then peeling it carefully, revealing a very light colored inside. He bit into the inside, looking at me. I slowly mimicked him, though the twisting and breaking were somewhat difficult for me. The peeling was easy. I sniffed it, and carefully bit it. So sweet! The texture was much less intrusive compared to the bloody object from yesterday as well. I ate the whole inside, then stared at the thick, peeled, outer skin, wondering if I could eat it. The boy made a sound like the clearing of the throat. I looked at him to see him having a stern look again, and holding out his hand. I gave him the outer layer, and he discarded his and mine. Once again, we stood by each other after eating, just observing each other. After time passed, I held out my hand again, and rubbed my thumb across his forehead as farewell with a loving smile, and dove back down into the water, going back to rest.

The next day, I woke up at the same time, at high sun. I casually went back to the meeting place of myself and the boy. He was waiting for me, which made me happy. He brought food again too, but this time, the packages he brought were not the common delicacy of fish meat...I could tell by the smell. He brought two, just like yesterday, one for himself and one for me. The same porous holdings were used, but when I opened it to see what was inside, I saw two spreads of strange foods. One was a warm and creamy paste, a color similar to the sea sponge, but a lighter color. The other was a chilled, gelatinous spread, with an exotic color only seen on some rare fish, and a smell rather strange, but just as sweet. The boy was eating his package, waiting for me to try it. I closed up my package, and took a bite out of it. It...it was amazing! The combination of these two spreads went together so well! I got a few bites out of it before my mouth started drying up. I made hand gestures, like fanning my mouth after a hot meal, to signify my dryness. The boy handed me a container of liquid. It was a very bright colored liquid, and much thicker than water. My dry mouth was acting up, so I quickly took a gulp of the liquid. It was different...it tasted fine, but...different. I ate my package again, taking gulps as needed.

We stood by each other for much longer than before, just staring at each other in wonder. He was sat down near the water, and I was above the water, comfortably treading. I really like this boy, I thought to myself, he brings great meals for me, and seems to like to observe me. The moment got boring for me, so I smiled a big grin, making him go uneasy. I quickly dove right in the water, heading away from him at high speed, then turning around and coming back even faster. I kicked myself out of the water, and to his fright, tacked him on the land. I laughed, but my voice sounded very strange, like I had difficulty breathing.

This was normal for underwater dwellers like me who are not used to speaking above water; for my people, it took some practice before we could sound coherent like in the water.

In any case, I have tackled the boy down, and laid on his chest, giggling at the face he made, like a combination of fright and bliss. He laughed too after some time, smiling back at me. I knew it would be fun scaring him! Hehe! I instinctively waved my tail, softly, like I was still treading to be afloat...it was like memory for my body...I could not really stop myself from doing it. We looked at each other as I was still giggling to myself, while he started to become mesmerized. The cloth he wore was soft, and felt light. His chest rose and fell slowly, somewhat nervously. I laid my head in that rise and fall, and closed my eyes. It felt like sleeping afloat, it was so light. I noticed his heart beat too. It was a bit fast, then it gradually slowed down. I felt him stroke the growths on my head, and feeling my shoulders, down to my waist. He rubbed my back, following my spine. As he came back up, he felt my neck, where I was breathing. He felt the air coming in and out of my neck, and cautiously stroked it. I was not sure why he was careful around my neck, but it could be that he has never had to breathe through his neck, and was worried I would suffocate. Heh, silly boy. You can feel my neck if you want to. My hands were lightly gripped on his shoulders as I was laying on him. I took my hand, and placed mine on his, putting his palm over my neck. There, you can feel. I do not mind. I smiled at him. I relaxed again, staring closely in his eyes. I wanted to stay like this forever. He was my first friend. My first real friend. If only I could return his kindness to him somehow...I continued to smile, placing my head back on his chest, and listening to him breathe.

The next day, I woke up earlier than usual. I heard someone approach my home. It was one of my kind. No...it cannot be...my mate! I quickly escaped back to my meeting place, praying the boy would be there. It cannot be! He is not here! No! Not now! Not yet! I am not ready to be claimed! I quickly poked my head out of the water, and make a wheezing cry above the water. Please hear me! Help me! Please! My mate was looking for me...and he was getting closer. Please! Please! Please! Help me! Help me! Help me! Suddenly, my mate rose above the water some great distance from me. He was big, and strong, and daunting. His topical growths were cut rather short, and he completely cut his facial growths. He looked at me in curiosity, wondering why I was so frightened. Then, he glared behind me...

I looked where my mate was looking. It is him! The boy! Wait...why is he frightened too? Oh...I forgot...a land dweller like him cannot possibly compete against a water dweller. He would get drowned in seconds. No...I cannot let myself be caught like a slave! I reached out to the boy as far from the water as I could, trying to climb out. Save me! Pull me up! Take me to different waters! Please! My wheezing cry was desperate.

The boy put on a sad look, and set down a beautifully decorated box in front of me. What is this? He took a few steps back, still with his sad look. I looked back at my mate. He was waiting patiently with a stern look. I picked up the small and held it in my palm. I opened it...it...it...it was a beautiful and shiny sea tougne pearl! These are so rare! I looked up back at the boy. He then set down a small feast for me. Another porous holdings with a different kind of meat I have never seen before. He also set down the same long and bright object from a couple days ago, the one that had to be peeled. His face was still saddened. Wait, is this...goodbye? You gave me one last meal, and a pearl to remember you by? But...I thought we were friends? The boy started crying. He definitely did not want to leave.

He waved his hand at me, and turned around to walk away towards the large giant plants. I made another wheezing cry, to tell him to come back. He turned around for a second. I looked at my tail, looking for a particular scale. I then found one on my right side, closer to my torso. I took hold of it, and plucked it out. It was very painful, like a small shark bite to my side, and I was lightly bleeding from that area. My mate huffed seeing me in pained. With two hands, I offered my scale to the boy. It was shining against the sun, making a beautiful glimmer. Rays of light were reflecting off it, making a beautiful combination of colors, like a rainbow. The boy slowly walked up to me, and accepted my gift to him. He looked at it, making the colors shift on it as he turned it around. I held out my thumb, wanting to say my last goodbye. He put his face closer, and bowed his head. I stroked my thumb slowly across his forehead, then I gently grabbed his head and kissed his forehead. Our time may have been short, but we have learned so much from each other. We can still be friends, right? That is why I give my scale to you. It will be my promise. Our promise. We will meet again, but next time, we will make an effort to communicate better - or at least I will.

The boy started shedding tears again. He waved his last goodbye, and turned away into the giant plants. It was sad to see him go, but now...it felt like my heart dropped when I remembered my mate was waiting for me. Intently. I turned around with a submissive pout. He was not happy. My mate came closer to me, slowly, building up his anger. He stood right over me, blocking the light from the sun on me. I closed my eyes, tightly. This is it. My fate has been sealed. Then - I felt a strong whack on my cheek. It made me drop on the surface of the water and float like I was unconscious, but I was not. I was simply waiting for him to claim me. There is nothing I can do now. The boy cannot save me anymore. No one can. Not even the small fury animals that hop near the water. Not even the small fish that mindlessly swim their days away around me. When is it going to happen? He has not touched me yet since. Is he looking over me? Waiting for me to wake up? If I awaken, will he claim me then? If I stay here like this, will he think I died?

I open my eyes, and to my surprise, my mate was not there. I looked around for him. Not a trace. I went back to my resting place, and I see pieces of my mating amulet shattered and scattered. My mate's amulet was also among the broken pieces. Did he reject me? Am...am I free? I...I am free! He left me! Should I be sad? Should I be happy? I feel more happy than sad, so I will go with happy. I have not been claimed! This is a miracle! But...what of the boy? Will he ever come back? I looked at the feast he laid down for me by the water. It was still untouched. I go over to to it, and pick up the porous holdings. As I take a bite, I notice the meat is not any fish I have ever tasted, or, is it even a fish? It does not have a salty taste to it, so perhaps it is a land-dwelling animal? I stare at my food. Please. Come visit me again. I will wait for you right here. I will be here when you return. I promise.
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The Rainbow Scale

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