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 Pokemon DEAD version: Part two of A Creepypasta Parody

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PostSubject: Pokemon DEAD version: Part two of A Creepypasta Parody   Wed Feb 19, 2014 10:58 am

Okay so this one I was trying to go for the kind of creepypasta writers that think they’re story is waaaaaaaaaay scarier then it really is. I got into character and put in every single creepypasta/writing thing that I fucking hate so naturally when I was reading this to a friend I started riffing on it, thinking that it wasn’t my own. Anyway to the few of you who will read this please enjoy.

It was a bright morning. I was just finishing my unpacking when I heard a neighbor knock on my door. He welcomed me to the area. We said goodbye and I closed the door. My name is Tim Cardigan and I just moved out of my old home to get away from everything that has happened to me last year. Last year I made a mistake of buying a Ocarina of Time cartridge that tormented me to no end and still does to this very day. After I beat the game this Zelda plush showed up on my bed and haunts me to this day. Naturally I brought it with me because I didn’t know what it would do if I didn’t. I had gotten rid of the cartridge and my N64 just to be safe. A few days had passed when I got a knock on the door. It was the UPS man. Funny, I didn’t remember ordering anything. I opened the door, signed for the package and went in my house, making sure to close the door behind me.

I went into the kitchen to inspect the package and saw that it had no return address written on it. I grabbed a knife to open the package. I opened it and inside it was a yellow Gameboy Color with a copy of Pokemon Silver version, though the strange thing was that the cartridge looked like it was colored silver with a sliver marker. It even rubbed off on my fingers when I held it. The Gameboy Color looked fine, the only problem with it was that it had a few scratches and some silver finger prints (from the marker residue on my fingers). The only other thing in the package were the packing peanuts, nothing else like a letter or batteries. I could swear I could hear a laugh coming from the box I kept the Zelda plush in, though I ignored it and walked down to CVS to buy some things.

I went into the store and bought a few cases of Monster energy, a bag of Cheetos, a jug of milk and some double A batteries. I paid the cashier $30 and walked home, since I don’t own a car. I put my stuff away and put the batteries in my Gameboy Color and turned it on. Nothing popped up and it hit me: I forgot to put the game in. I did that and got hit with a wave of nostalgia as the game started up.

…It didn’t last for long.

When I started up the game I saw that there was a file already on it. The name was… Zelda. I broke out into a cold sweat as the horrible memories flooded into my mind of the events of last year. I managed not to cry though and, against my curiosity, deleted the file. When I did that the Gameboy Color released this loud, deafening screech that made my ears ring and I almost dropped the Gameboy Color. Once it stopped it reset itself and instead of going to the title screen, it started me out in the game. I was in my room except there was no music playing and the only thing in the room was a bed.
I paused the game and saw that my name was “…”. I pressed “A” on it and my trainer card showed that I already had all the gym badges, $999,999 and a total play time of 00:00.

I unpaused the game and walked down the stairs. Much like my room there was nothing there. Bored with the empty house I left it feeling a bit uneasy. I freaked out when I saw the towns name. Instead of New Bark Town the town was named “No Going Back”. I heard a chiming noise. I was a little confused about that since I don’t remember there being a chime like that in this game. I paused the game to save but the only option there was “Pokemon”. “How odd” I said out loud and pressed “A”. My team consisted of only “Unknown” and when I checked out they’re status each one was a different letter. Being highly versed in the Unknown language I read what they spelled out. I dropped the Gameboy Color and screamed. The “Unknown” spelled out:

“Hey Tim”
“No not again…” I whimpered as tears formed under my eyes. I moved out here to start a new life, not to play another haunted game! I picked the Gameboy Color up and tried to turn it off, but when I did it shocked me. “Ow” I said shaking my hand. I tried again and it did the same thing. I did this a total of 15 times, until my finger went numb and I realized that the game wouldn’t let my turn it off. I guess I won’t be able to turn it off until I beat it. Being a veteran of haunted games I knew that this game wouldn’t freak me out again now that I knew for sure about what it really was: there was no way I’d start out with a non-starter Pokemon and the fact the the towns name was different proved it.

I unpaused the game and moved on. There were no other houses here so I moved in the only direction I could go: up. There were no branching pathways, just fence blocking my path, forcing me to go in a straight line. I walked up for what seemed like 23 minutes until I reached a building. Ever inch of my body was telling me to not go in there but I had to, I had to see why the game wanted me to get here. I entered the building.

The room was completely empty and there was music playing unlike before. The music sounded like the Corned theme from Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney but slowed down a lot and backwards. There was no exit in this room and the door I entered through was locked. My hands started shaking. I heard the chime again so I paused the game and checked my Pokemon. This time the Unknown spelled out:


I was a little confused by this one. It was a little ambiguous at best but I unpaused the game. When I did there was a change in the room. The room was now completely black and there was someone there… someone… behind me. I gulped when I saw this figure there. I mean he wasn’t there before, right? I’m guessing this is what the Unknown meant when they said “Behind”. I used every ounce on my being to turn my character around and talk the to guy behind me, since it was the only thing I could do. When I talked to him the only thing he said was “…” and I was forced into a battle with him.

I was shocked as to who this guy was. It was Red! “But I’m supposed to fight Red after I beat the game!” I shouted. That’s when I saw it and it made me shake even more. Red’s sprite was different. Instead of how he normally looked he wore this evil, crazy smile, one I had never seem before until now and his eyes were black with Red dots for pupils and were bleeding… just like Zelda’s. This time I knew I could hear it laugh at me. It said the “rEd Would like to battle” at the bottom of the screen and sent out a… Gengar? But Red doesn’t have that Pokemon! It was his only Pokemon and it was level 100. I sent out my first Pokemon, a level 3 Unknown. Naturally my Unknown was beaten. This happened to the other four unknown. When I got to my last one I sent it out, but it wasn’t an Unknown.
It was a level 100 shiny Pikachu, but something was odd about it. It looked almost… sad and scared.

Another odd thing was that I couldn’t select any of my attacks, it did it for me. Pikachu had all these weird movies that it could never learn, like curse, which it used first. Before the animation could finish though Red moved in front of Gengar like as if I was trying to catch a trainers Pokemon and the battle ended. That was odd. Did Pikachu just curse Red? When the battle ended Red was nowhere to be seen and a door opened up. A little (very) freaked out, I left through the only door there.

This time I was in a forest, but the name alarmed me and I began to fell my lunch rise up from my stomach. It was titled Forest of the Dead. I walked through the forest a bit and noticed that it was littered with grave stones. There was no music. Only silence. I walked through the forest until I arrived at the end. There were three grave stones there. A chill ran down my spine as I realized that the only thing I could do was examine the graves. I read the first stone and it said:

“R.I.P. RED”

My heart broke when I read this. No not Red. He was always my favorite Pokemon protagonist. He was such a great character. I started to cry when I saw this and had to pull out my emergency hanky from my back pocket. After having a good cry for about three minutes I examined the second grave. This one just gave me a bunch of binary:

[Posted down below since it fucked up the size of the post]

I’m not very good at reading Binary so I assume it translates to “Death comes to us all” or something. All that was left was the last grave. I examined it and screamed when I saw what it said. I screamed so loud and dropped my Gameboy Color on the floor. It said:


“T-thats my name….” I said through my tears. “How is this possible!?” Then the events of last year came flooding back. “It’s the plush toy!” I yelled getting up from my seat. I ran over to the box where the Plush toy was in and opened it, but what I saw frightened me to my very core. The Zelda plush… was gone. I remember putting it in there though! How could it just disappear like that!? A cold sweat began to form and I could feel my bladder about to burst. I ran into the bathroom so I wouldn’t soil myself. Once I came back I picked up the Gameboy Color and resumed playing. The graves were gone now and a door appeared where the graves were. I walked through it.

The area it lead me to was all a bright red and the place was called…. Hell. The music that played was that eyrie music that played in the ruins where you could catch Unknown. The only direction I could go was forward, so I did just that. Along the way I was getting goosebumps. All it was was a plain red area, nothing else and yet it was so terrifying. I kept walking forward for what seemed like an hour before I made it to the end, but a shrieked at what waited for me there.

It was Red, his sprite looking different. His eyes were blacked out and bleeding, just like how it looked when we were battling. He moved towards me and I tried to run away, but the area behind me closed off. I ran and ran and ran but the only thing I could do was let him catch me, so I let him. When he ran into me I heard this loud scream coming from the speakers and it made me jump and scream along with it, voiding my bowels as well. The screen was black for about 20.7 seconds before my sprite came back on the screen.

The music was the same as it was when I was in Hell. The whole area was black and I couldn’t do anything. It was like something was… blocking my path. The game chimed again signaling that something in my team had changed. All of the Unknown I had were gone and all that was there was the sad looking shiny Pikachu. I checked it’s move list and it knew the move flash. Being the amazing gamer that I am I was able to deduce that I need to use the move flash in order to proceed, so I did and nothing could prepare me for what I saw next…

I was able to feel my bowels churning at the sight. All around me were corpses of dead trainers and Pokemon. The whole area was filled with blood and I could start to feel my stomach churn at the sight.
I was able to move now and I wasn’t sure if I wanted to, but I did. I moved as fast as I could move and each time it got more horrible by the second. I tried to capture this scene to show you all but for some reason my pics got deleted. Sorry. Anyway I got to this pool of blood that I couldn’t cross. Again since I’m so smart I examined it and it asked me if I wanted to surf across the blood. I hesitated and picked yes. I was told that Pikachu used surf and we went on the blood. The music didn’t change. We moved forward for about 6 minutes until the game told me that “… used an escape rope”. I was taken to that forest from the beginning. Inside the forest was that evil Red. I talked to him and he talked to me:

“Hello Tim”

I started to tremble. He knew my name…? How? Why? While I was questioning myself I could hear the Zelda plush laughing. “Shut up!” I shouted. “Stop laughing at meeeeeeee!” After that I broke down and cried for a bit. All of the childhood trauma I faced as a kid came flying back to me. After 12 minutes of crying I continued playing the game.

“Are you enjoying yourself?”

I had the choice to pick yes or no so I answered honestly and picked no.

“That’s too bad then. I was hoping you were having as much fun as I am. Don’t worry though, you’re almost done with this game.”

I breathed a breath of relief. The game is almost done. After that the game got real quiet and froze for about 13.9 seconds. I was transported to a new area, one without a name and there was no sound except for what sounded like a child weeping in the background. I moved through the new area but it didn’t take long to get to the end. Just as I though Red (I can’t believe I’m still calling this… thing, this abomination of what was once a part of my childhood, Red) was there. I talked to him and a battle started. The words “rEd would like to battle” appeared on screen and he had only one Pokemon, a level 100 Mewtwo. I sent out my only Pokemon as well, that shiny level 100 Pikachu. Unlike the first time I was able to control Pikachu. He knew the moves Flash, Surf, Curse and Thunder. Naturally I used Thunder first but it missed! “Mewtwo used Psychic” appeared on screen and brought Pikachu down to half health. I tried to attack Mewtwo again but it missed again! Naturally Mewtwo attacked and it hit, but instead of it saying “Pikachu has fainted” it said “Pikachu has died!”. Red came back on screen and just laughed. When the screen came back I saw Mewtwo tare Pikachu apart. When Mewtwo was doing that I could hear Pikachu screaming. With each tare a bunch of Hyper-realistic blood would fly out from it’s body. I started to cry and vomit at this point. Pikachu was always my favorite Pokemon as a child. I could do nothing but cry and vomit and cry and vomit as my childhood was killed right in front of me. After I cleaned the screen off (I had vomited all over the screen and myself) I saw that Red was done with Pikachu. Then Red spoke to me:

“Your next….”

After that I heard a scream and the game turned itself off. I wasn’t about to turn it back on after that. I went into the bathroom and took a shower. I had to get rid of the clothes I was wearing, no amount of cleaning could get rid of the stench of vomit and feces. While I was in the shower I broke down and went into fetal position and cried for a good hour and a half. It’s been a week since that happened to me. It’s now a Tuesday afternoon and I hear a knock on my door. I walk up to it and open it, but no one was there. Thinking it was just a bunch of kids I go to close the door until I noticed something.

“A letter?”

I pick it up and close the door behind me. The letter has no return address on it. My curiosity got the better of me though and I opened it. Inside it was a piece of paper and when I opened it up all it said on it was two words:

“Behind you”

I gasp at what I read, cold sweat forming on my head. I slowly turn around and on my table is the Zelda plush and…. a Red action figure with black eyes.

Anyway I know I spelled a few words wrong and used some other words instead of the words that I wanted to use. I know I should fix it but I wanted to post this by the end of this week so I’m sorry. Anyway I hope you enjoyed it, I enjoyed making it but not reading it. Also all of the music I mentioned in it I made versions of so if anyone wants to know what they sound like let me know and I’ll upload it to youtube. Feedback is welcome. Let me know if you liked it.
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PostSubject: Re: Pokemon DEAD version: Part two of A Creepypasta Parody   Wed Feb 19, 2014 11:00 am

The Binary code thingy:

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Pokemon DEAD version: Part two of A Creepypasta Parody

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