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 TBRP User Hurt and Heal

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PostSubject: TBRP User Hurt and Heal   Tue Feb 25, 2014 10:57 am

This is a thread I made on DTR (and I would have on JD if I was on it). Anyway the rules are simple:

1) You hurt someone by 2 HP and you heal someone by 1.
2) You can't hurt then heal the same person.
3) If your name is on here you can not heal yourself. Let's make it fair people.
4) HP cap is 15.
5) When you hurt and heal someone add the changes. Copy and paste the list then add in the changes.
6) Don't get butt hurt if you lose >.>
7) Don't get butt hurt if your name is on this list this is all in good fun >.>
8 ) In fact just don't get butt hurt at all >.>

Anyway have fun. I'll let someone else start.


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TBRP User Hurt and Heal

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