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 Elements of a Reaper

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Catgirl Enthusiast (Admin)

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PostSubject: Elements of a Reaper   Sun Jan 20, 2013 4:38 am

Elements Of A Reaper

Chapter 1:

The train rattled fiercely as it rumbled through the pitch black brick tunnels of the underground. The train was more or less empty, with only a few people spread around it. Daemon sat in the dimly lit carriage as it bumped along the tracks. He sat forward, looking out the large windows at the endless darkness of the tunnel, it was broken only by the odd flash of grey as the walls connected with a strip of rusted metal. Opposite Daemon, a thin man sat there twiddling with his fingers, he was wearing a grey business suit and on his lap sat a brown leather briefcase. The man looked worried, he was breathing heavily as he muttered slowly to himself.


Daemon turned his attention to the man,


"Hey, you okay?" a well dressed woman sitting just up from him asked, she had tied up blonde hair and spoke with a posh accent,



She stood up and started to walk over to him "Hey, are you oka-". She was cut off by a loud screeching noise, the lights on the train went out. The man stood up causing the woman to react by moving back a couple of steps covering her ears from the noise. He took something out of his pocket and looked at it for a few seconds.


The gravity shifted, cutting him off, as he and the women fell backward towards the window, Daemon spun around and grabbed onto the seat as he felt himself drop forward. The screeching was cut off by a broad metallic bang and the scraping of metal. Glass flew around the small train sending drops of blood into the air along with it. The gravity stabilised as Daemon lost his grip and fell towards the side of the carriage, glass sticking into him like razors, his vision faded, He hit the opposite seats with a loud thump. The train had derailed.

Daemon's eyes slowly opened, his vision was hazy, almost completely blurred at the edges. His body felt heavy and broken, as if millions of needles had been pushed into it then weighed down with a boulder. He was laying down, his hand was outstretched but he could not move it. His body was too heavy, or was he too weak? Daemon's vision faded to black for a few seconds before focusing once more. He lowered his head, resting it on the shattered remains of the window... something felt warm and gentle against him as he lowered his head.


Blood was dripping from the walls and down from the ceiling. His vision faded again before coming back, glass was strewn everywhere, much of it covered in thick red drops of blood.

His vision faded once more before returning.

Ahead of him was a figure, it stood on the wall. Or perhaps the floor as it should now be called. At its feet were two bodies. The man and the woman lay there spread over the seat, the man's arm hung out the window crushed by the weight of the train, more blood leaked around it.


Daemons voice sounded dry, quiet and very weak, even he barely recognised it but it was enough to catch the figures attention, it stepped over the bodies and kneeled down, its body was covered in a dark robe...

"H-Help, me",

Daemons words slurred as he forced out the words, the figure stood once again. It spoke. Its voice was deep and deathly, it seemed old and wise yet caring, but, Daemon could not make out a word of it. Daemon's vision faded completely into darkness. There was a sharp pain, it burned, unlike the other injuries which he had felt numbing, this one felt more fierce, as if Daemon's whole body was rejecting itself, as if burning under a fire, he forced open his eyes to see only the figure through red tinted vision.

"I-Is this where... I-I.... D-Die...",

Daemon tried to breathe in but found himself unable to... Darkness...Blackness...Death...

Chapter 2:
Rising from the shroud of Death

"Wake up kid...",

Daemon could hear a voice. It was clear.

"C'mon Kid I know you can hear me",

Daemon could no longer feel the pain from before. Had it numbed? was he dead? He felt a blunt strike to his side followed by the rushing of air as he smacked into a hard surface. His eyes opened to a bright light, his vision still blurred. The light was soon cut off by a dark shape.

Daemons vision finally focused, he was laying on the floor. To his right was a bed, it was made of cheap wood and basic sheets covered it, ahead of him the rest of the room was empty, although small the emptiness made it seem much larger. To the far left was a worn door looking to be made of the same wood as the bed. The shape ahead of him was a foot and as Daemon looked up he recognised the black cloak.

"Get up already",

Spoke the stranger, Daemon felt the pressure of hands against his collar as he was lifted up to his feet like some child who had tripped in the park. He stood face to face with the stranger, their face looked young, perhaps no older than twenty five but their voice sounded deep and wise, this must be the person from the train.

"W-Where am I? Who are you? Am I dead? What happened?",

Daemon blurted out all his questions in one go, he felt confused, the pain from earlier had faded, so had the feeling death, he could breathe again. The stranger pushed him back onto the bed and Daemon instinctively sat up still looking at the person. The strangers face changed, it looked kinder. He spoke.

"Good, nice to see you can actually move",

Daemon continued to stare. The stranger looked slightly irritated now.

"You know its rude to stare right?",

Daemon blinked and looked down this caused the stranger to laugh.

"You are in Ellundril, the home of the reapers. Seems you were lucky enough to survive what should have killed you meaning that I had to do it myself",

Daemon once again stared in disbelief noticing a long dark scythe strapped to the strangers back, this must of been what hit him both just now and when he felt searing pain on the train.

"Once again, quit staring",

Daemon looked down once more, he was nervous and still confused.

"My name Phantom and yes you are dead",

he pauses for a second,


Daemon looked back up at Phantom,

"If I am dead then why do I feel alive, shouldn't I be in heaven or hell... or... or... something, anything!",

Daemon surprised himself with his outburst

"As I said you somehow survived the train crash forcing me to kill you out of pity, after all you wouldn't of survived much longer in that state",

Phantom points at Daemon torn blood stained clothes,

"In regards to heaven or hell, that would be true of any normal death but when slain by the blade of a reaper you are sent here",

"But why here?! What am I suppose to do? I have never even heard of this place!",

Daemon released another flurry of question but Phantom just stood their and grinned,

"What do you do? That is simple",

Phantom spoke with a dark undertone,

"You become one of us... You become a reaper",

Daemon luanched himself from the bed and onto his feet,

"What are you talking about! This has to be some kind of joke right?!",

Phantom burst out laughing,

"You are the same as everyone else, no one ever believes me when I tell them about reaper, I should really record a little explanation of it",

He walked over to the door and opened it,

"If you would like to come with me, I would be more than happy to tell you",

Daemon stood up, he was still confused but there wasn't really anything else he could do at this point, after all he was in a room he had never seen and had no way of knowing where he was nor how far or even what direction his home was in.

"I must give you credit though, most people tend to think of this as a dream",

Daemon looked at Phantom as he spoke,

"That hadn't crossed my mind",

he opens and closes his hand for a second

"It all feels so real..",

Daemon followed Phantom out the door.

It took a few moments for Daemon eyes to adjust to the light, when his eyes had focused again he looked around. There were tall skyscrapers with windows that reached from the floor to the cieling. Effectively ahead of him was what looked to be a city from some sci-fi show, buildings of metal shone brightly reflecting the light off their windows. Daemon found he was standing on the balcony of a small apartment building however it looked much older in contrast to the rest of the buildings.

Between the sprawling city and the apartments, was a large circular building, it had three large towers that reached to the clouds before being topped by what looked to be larger discs, flat but wide and hovering above eachother. The bulk of the building was also tall, perhaps 10 floors at least. The building looked to be a mix of metal plating and brick covered in many windows.

Phantom pointed at it,

"This is the Reaper training school, here you will learn what it means to be a Reaper as well as how to control your own powers",

Daemon stood surprised at his surroundings but felt that after what had happend so far questioning its authenticity would bring little results.

"So tell me then... you said it involved controlling your powers, however I have none therefore I cannot become one"

Phantom turned to him "Don't worry, you will get yours in time" Daemon looked at the school again.

"What do you mean?" Daemon asked

"To gain the powers of a reaper, two things are needed, the first is to be chosen by a reaper after surviving what should have been instant death",

Phantom looked more serious,

You have already achieved this, the second is that you must touch the Death Stone... that is what will finally decide whether you are worthy and either bestow upon you your powers or destroy you"

Daemon gulped "What do you mean destroy me?!"

Phantom smiled innocently,

Oh nothing it is just that if the stone decides you are not worthy then you shall disapear completely, going to neither heaven or hell... You'll just disapear",

He laughed awkwardly, rubbing his head

Daemon stood shocked,


Daemon stood their gaping at what he had just heard, Phantom just stood their and laughed before patting him on the back,

"Don't worry, there is only a 50% chance of failure" he laughed again before handing a small bundle too Daemon. Daemon looked at the bundle, it was black and soft, as he unravelled it he found it was a cloak. Daemon looked back at Phantom "Consider it an investment",

Phantom grinned as he spoke,

"Now come with me, you will have plenty of time to get changed later",

Phantom led Daemon down a winding path to the school grounds, upon reaching it the place seemed baron except for a small group of people at the door to the school,

"Hello, you must be one of the new 'recruits'",

said a tall women in a long tight dress, she looked old... very old,

"This way please",

spoke a rugged man, he was rather large and had a long thick moustache, the other all wore dark hoods and ignored them as they walked by. Phantom ushered Daemon into the building and led him up a short staircase to the next floor and into a large hall.

The hall was dark and empty except for a small beam of light at the end of it, there stood a stone where it shone. Daemon instinctivly walked up to it and placed his hand on it hoping not to disapear...

"OI! What do you think your doing! Don't touch that, it's my current project!",

An unknown voice shouted at Daemon as a small stubby man ran into the room,

"You should not touch what isn't yours!" Daemon looked confused "But I-I... erm what?",

Phantom walked up to the two and looked at Daemon with a smile. He points at the man before speaking,

"Daemon, I would like you to meet stone, also known as 'The Death Stone' for his esteemed service as a Reaper",

Daemon stared at Phantom then at Stone,


Phantom couldn't help but laugh at his little joke. Stone walked up to Daemon and patted him on the shoulder,

"Don't let it bother you kid, he plays the same joke on all the newbies",

He pauses for a moment,

"To be honest I think he just likes getting people to annoy me by touch my project",

he points to the stone in the middle of the hall.

Daemon looks at the stone then back at the small man.

"Your project?"

Stone led Daemon over to the stone and tapped it.

"In my spare type I enjoy making marble ornaments, a simple hobby, but earns me some pocket money",

he tapped his side and grinned slightly.

Phantom stepped up and looked at Daemon still grinning from his joke,

"Sorry about that, couldn't resist... You see Stone here takes care of all the newbies, he will get you sorted in terms of equipment and such.",

Phantom looked at a relieved Daemon.

"So all that stuff about disapearing was made up?",

Daemon was relieved but still slightly confused by the whole ordeal.


said Stone,

"Once a reaper decides your in, then you are in, Phantom here did that for you."

Phantom turned and began to walk out,

"Well then now that you are sorted I will take my leave, as I am sure Stone can take things from here, if you have any questions just ask at the front reception.",

Phantom paused before opening the door,

"They will direct you to me."

Daemon watched as Phantom left the hall before turning to Stone,

"I have to admit, I am still rather confused about all this"

Stone laughed at his remark,

"haha, don't worry about it everyone is like that when they first come here but you will get use to things." Stone led Daemon out of the hall through a small side door and into a long corridor. "Lucky for you we have had a quite a larger amount of new recruits recently, so we have set up an assembly to introduce you to the school."

"I see",

Daemon followed Stone has he led them through the corridor to another door.

"I have already made arrangements for your school books, equipment and clothes to be taken to your room.",

Stone stopped at the door,

"As you will find out this place isn't to different to a normal school... Just some... slightly 'different' subject get taught here.",

Stone opened the door, however Daemon paused before entering.

"So what do I do after this assembly?",

Daemon asked in an attempt to dispel the remaining confusion

"Oh don't worry about that, here you will be taken to your first class,"

Stone smiled,

"Now quit your worrying, you'll be fine",

Stone ushered Daemon into the room and closed the door behind him.

"I just hope that kid can take the lessons...".

Daemon walked into the huge, brightly lit room. To the the right and left of him were towering pillars which reach to the ceiling and connected half way by a 'U' shaped balcony that spread around the room leaving only a gap at the far end of the room where a stage stood a meter tall. The walls, balcony, pillars and even the stage were all constructed with beautiful ebony carved wood.

Ahead of Daemon were a group of people, all dressed in a variety of clothing, from torn clothes barely covering them to amazing hand made dresses suitable for royalty. He slowly walked to the crowd but stayed at the back so as not to disturb anyone. The room was quiet apart from a few awkward whispers as people tried to figure out what would happen next.

Behind the stage was a large double door, as it opened the figure of Phantom stepped out and onto the stage, he stood in the center and the room went dark leaving only the stage lit. He cleared his throat as he looked around at all the people.

"Hello, and welcome to Ellundril, Home of the Reapers... As I am sure you are all aware this is it's academy where the finest recruits are hand picked from the mortal world and bought here to be schooled",

Phantom paused for a few seconds and looked around the room once more,

"My name is Phantom, I will be serving as your headmaster during your time at the Reaper Academy!"

As he finished his sentence small jets of sparks launched from the stage, one of which landed on Phantoms robe,

"Now while here you will receive the finest educ-", Phantom smelled smoke,

"Ah! Fire, fire, fire!" He jumped down from the stage and landed on the ground as the audience move away forming a circle, Phantom rolled around for several minutes before standing up once more,

"Well now that is done with...",

he patted himself down and climbed back onto the stage,

"As I was saying, while here you will receive the finest education as you become the next generation of Reapers, perhaps even qualifying for our highest Ranked squad, otherwise known as 'Grim Reaper' in the mortal realm"

"This guys is something else isn't he?",

Daemon heard a soft voice from his right, as he turned he saw a girl no older than him, she had long red hair and deep eyes, her face was cheery and she smiled sweetly,

"Yeah, I guess he is"

Daemon replied, looking away slightly

"Hi, my name is Ayase, nice to meet you",

She held out her hand,

"I only came here the other day so I don't really know anyone... but you look nice enough",

she smiled once more.

"Erm, Hi, My name is Daemon",

Daemon blushed slightly as he shook her hand,

"I only came here today... I think..."

Their conversation was interrupted by Phantom,

"Now if you would all like to come with me, it is time to find out your Reaper powers",

Phantom hops off the stage and leads to group out of another door and into a Window filled corridor.

The corridor was bright as the light shone through the windows but outside looked beautiful. There were towering buildings that broke through the clouds and large fields between them and the school. The sky was bright blue and the sun shone down, bathing everything in light.

"Erm... Phantom..Sir, I have a question",

A small voice spoke from near the front of the group followed by the raising of a hand. Phantom spun around to answer the question,

"What is it?"

The hand lowered and Daemon tried to peer over to see who was talking but there were too many people in the way.

"Well you see... If we are reapers shouldn't everything be all... well dark"

Phantom turned back around with a blank look on his face,

"What on earth do they teach kids these days..."

The tour continued as Phantom led them down the corridor and into what looked to be a classroom. All around it were two person desks, around 10 in total from what Daemon could see and at the front was a gap of a few meters before hitting a wall with a whiteboard on it. Phantom walked to the front and spun around to face everyone,

"Now if you would line up against the back, I will find out your abilities", Phantom rubbed his hands, "This is going to be so fun!"

Phantom cleared his throat,

"Okay so this is how it is going to work",

he pauses for a moment and looks around,

"As you may have noticed the school is empty today, as well as several hooded Reapers around the campus, that is for safety"

Phantom reaches his hand outwards and summons a scythe,

"Now, we find putting you in life threatening danger is the quickest way to unlocking your abilities, so how does ten sound?"

The students looked around rather confused some backed away slightly where as other just stared at Phantom


A couple of the students crept to the door the rest just looked at Phantom


More students began to head to the door as they slowly opened it


Running could be heard as half the students ran out the door and down the hall


Ayase tugged at Daemons arm, "I think we should go too"


Daemon looked down at Ayase, "I think you may be right..."


Daemon and Ayase crept towards the door and slid out side of it


They began to run down the hallway and down the nearest set of stairs, "Where is the exit", Ayase said

"I don't know"

Daemon looked around in various doors hoping to see outside but all he could find were more and more classrooms, Ayase was looking out the windows to see if she could see a way out from there.


A loud scream came from above, then another and another, they kept coming until the sound of running could be heard but that was soon cut out by one last scream.

"Damn it! Run!",

Yelled Ayase, she grabbed him by the arm as they began to run down the hallways, every now and then hearing screams. As they came down the hallway they were abruptly stopped by a hooded figure.

"Seems it is your unlucky day...",

The hooded figures voice was deep and dark as they approached Ayase and Daemon,

"What now?",

Daemon exclaimed

Ayase grabbed his arm once more heading towards some double doors,


she was cut off by the hooded figure, now blocking the door,

"So fast..."

The stranger lowered his hood revealing a middle aged man with a bald head and a scar running down the right side of his face,

"Seems this years game will end quickly",

he stepped forward summoning his scythe

"I don't think so!"

A childs voice sounded across the hallway, it was the voice from earlier... From around the corner stepped out a small girl with long black hair, the stranger turned to face her.

"So you wish to go first?",

he stepped forward bringing his scythe down on her


Ayase screamed for a few moments before pausing. She stood their in disbelief at what she saw, the strangers scythe had pierced the ground and on top of it sat a cat licking its paw.

"I-Impossible... what happened?!",

Ayase fell to her knees, however Daemon quickly pulled her up again,

"Calm down Ayase... I think that cat is her..."

The cat jumped off the scythe and ran over to Ayase and Daemon as the stranger struggled to remove his scythe from the ground.

"We should run while he is busy!",

the cat projected the girls voice and started running down the corridor, Daemon grabbed ayase and pulled her along with him,

"Come on, time to follow the cat, Ayase!"

They ran down the corridor as fast as they could past endless rooms and doors, surrounded by windows one moment then dimly lit halls the next, it seemed unending.

"We need to get out of here",

said the cat as she spun around and jumped at a window.

There was a soft 'thump' as she bounced back off it and onto the floor,


Daemon stopped and grabbed the cat, Holding her under his arm as he ran. After a few minutes more running they came to a stop by some doors.

"I-I think we got away...",

Daemon breathed heavily

"I... agree..."

Said Ayase trying to catch her breath


came a muffled grunt followed by a sharp pain in Daemon's side


he dropped the cat as it turned back into the girl, she slid across the floor for a short time before stopping at the wall,

"I need air as well you know!",

the girl shouts at him.

Daemon turned away quickly while Ayase stared at the girl, both slightly pink

"W-What is it?",

the girl looks down before jumping up and turning around,

"Ah! Don't look!".

Daemon turned his head slightly taking off his cloak and throwing it at her

"There use that",

He quickly turned back around,

"What happened to your clothes?"

The girl quickly put the cloak and wrapped it tightly around her,

"I-I dunno... I guess they slipped off when I used by Reaper Abilities..."

Ayase finally blinked,

"Turning into a cat is your ability?!",

Ayase jumped at the girl and hugged her,

"Can you teach me to do that too!"

Daemon turned around, as the girl forced Ayase off of her,

"I don't think I can... In fact I am not exactly sure how I did it to start with... I just felt a need to stop that guy back there and then when he attacked me I turned into a cat"

Ayase pouted,


She stepped back and turned to Daemon who walked up to the girl,

"This may not be the best time but you never told us your name... I am Daemon and this is Ayase"

The girl blushed slightly and turned around again wrapping the cloak tighter,

"My name is Misty..."

Footsteps could be heard from behind and Ayase quickly grabbed the two and pulled them through the nearby door,

"Misty, Daemon, lets go!"

As they burst through the door the found themselves in the entrance corridor however Phantom stood in front of them,

"Hello there!" he said

Misty, Ayase and Daemon started to walk backwards however were stopped by the sound of the door opening once more, as they looked it was the man with a scar.

"Oh! Hello Scar!",

Phantom waved at the man as he walked in,

"Have you already bumped into these students?"

Scar walked forward a few steps and spun his scythe around menacingly,

"I have...",

He looked at the small girl causing Phantom to notice her.

"Oh your that girl who asked me about Reapers earlier... I assume you have discovered your powers... otherwise I cannot understand your lack of clothing... now what was our name...",

Phantom though for a moment,

"Misty! that was it!"

Misty blushed slightly wrapping the cloak tighter around her,

"What do we do now?"

she said. Daemon turned to Ayase who in then turned to look at Misty.


Daemon shrugged as he spoke, Phantom couldn't help but laugh where as Misty and Ayase gave him a cold look.

"I guess not...", Daemon looked back at Phantom

Phantom took a step forward before disappearing, he then appeared above them and summoned his scythe with a blaze of aura similar to thick black smoke,

"Play time is over, I am afraid",

the group jumped back forcing them to split up as they scrambled behind the nearest cover they could find. Phantom pulled his scythe back and turned his body so as to land on the ground feet first.


Phantom started hopping around, a small black cat with white paws hanging from his leg,

"Ow, ow, ow, That hurts!",

he shook his leg trying to get Misty off.


She shouted as she was thrown off, Ayase ran across the corridor and headed for the door,

"Hurry up!",

Daemon jumped from cover and quickly followed her however Scar was right behind them, as they neared the academies gates he appeared in front of them,

"Too slow",

he struck his scythe out knock Ayase back with the blunt end, he then twisted his body and struck Daemon with the back of the blade.

"Now this ends",

He pulled his scythe skywards, a black aura cloaked it like fire... He bought it down with speed as black flames burst around the area with such force as to launch into the sky, temporarily hiding the sun from view.

Daemon awoke looking up at the sky, he blinked several times before rolling over to look at Ayase lying nearby... It took a few seconds before he registered what had happened, he jumped up and ran to her,

"Ayase! Are you okay? Can your hear me?",

Ayase shifted very slightly and opened her eyes to look at Daemon,

"What happend-"

Ayase shot up to look at Scar, almost knocking into Daemon as she did so.

"What did you do to us?",

She exclaimed, looking at Scar.

Scar was leaning against the academy gates, looking at the two of them,

"Nothing... The point of this was to establish each persons abilities, you failed to use them while in danger and failed the test..."

Ayase jumped up,

"TEST! You call this a test!"

She ran at Scar flailing her arms, Scar stood up and reach out his hand, keeping her at bay by holding her head.

"Yes a test... Kinda like an entrance exam... just more fun",

he grinned as he spoke

"Where is Misty?",

Daemon asked, Scar turned to look at him over Ayase's head.

"Probably in class, out of the 24 of you only 5 people didn't gain their abilities, two of who are you guys, Misty was one of the first... Quite a contrast if I do say so myself",

Scar released pressure on Ayase causing her to fall flat on the ground,

"You will be expected to discover your abilities by the end of the week, otherwise you will be working in the kitchens",

Scar walked back towards the academy.

Ayase jumped up once more, red in the face,

"I...Do Not...like that guy...",

Daemon stood back a bit worried she might explode.

Scar stopped a few feet from the academy,

"By the way class has already started, I suggest you get back there",

He continued to walk off chuckling to himself. Daemon stood there wondering what was so funny. Daemon and Ayase sat at the school gates exhausted, what the test hadn't taken from them the hour trying to find the class did only to arrive as everyone was packing away. Misty sat on the floor in cat form looking up at them.

"I am beginning to forget what you look like as a human you know",

Daemon said jokingly

"You know I can't turn back... otherwise I'll err...",

Misty turned pink as she remembered what had happened the first time she turned to a Cat.

Ayase was gazing at the sky as it turned orange, the day felt long at first but upon reflection seems rather short. She pointed as the first star became visible before realising neither Misty or Daemon had taken any notice

"We should head back to the rooms now",

Daemon said as he started to walk forward towards the hill

"Yeah, sure",

Ayase yawned as she spoke.

Misty just nodded and started to follow alongside Daemon as they headed up the hill, Daemon looked down at her and noticed she too was tired. He stopped and bent down picking her up before

"H-Hey! What are you... you can't... Invasion of space!",

She jumped down from his arms slightly blushed,

"You shouldn't pick people up"

Daemon bent down again and lifted her paw,

"But your a cat...",

he paused,

"Besides you looked tired"

Misty just turned her head and started to walk up the hill again,


As they got to a fork in the path Misty and Ayase headed off to the right where as Daemon continued further up on the left and arrived at the wooden apartment building,

"I guess this is my new home now".

He opened the door and stepped in finding the key was left in the lock, he then locked it and placed the key on the desk before laying across the bed still clothed. After a few moments his exhaustion took over and he fell asleep while looking at the ceiling.

Daemon awoke to a hollow tapping sound on his door, he rolled off the bed hitting the ground with a 'Thump' then proceeded to getting up while rubbing his head and turned the light on. He walked over to the small square window and peeked out down the corridor but without external lightning it was too dark to see who it was. Daemon trudged over to the door and scratched his arm before unlocking the door. Before the click of the lock had even finished, the door swung open knocking Daemon back.

Daemon sat on the floor looking up at a blonde haired boy around his age, he had a face that looked younger but he was about the same height as Daemon. The guy looked panicked as he stared at Daemon.

"You have got to help me... They're after me!",

The stranger talked quickly while looking around the room for a few seconds before running towards the wardrobe, opening it up and jumping in.

"What the hell is going on?! Who are you?",

Daemon exclaimed

"Shhhh, close the door",

Came the muffled reply from the wardrobe

Daemon shook his head and started to close the door only for it to suddenly burst open, this time with such force and surprise as to put him on the floor.


Daemon looked up to see Ayase standing in the doorway,


Ayase looked around the room for a moment then down at Daemon,

"Where he is? I saw that perv run in here"

Daemons faced drooped, and he turned his head to the wardrobe before speaking very loudly and slightly sarcastically,

"I have no idea what you are talking about"

Ayase walked towards the wardrobe and tore open the doors before reaching in and pulling out the unfortunate victim by his throat

"I-I am sorry",

he fell to the ground as Ayase released her grip then proceeded to bowing his head,

"Please forgive me!",

he reach his hands up to block his face as if Ayase was going to punch him

Ayase was breathed out a huge sigh and clenched her fists while biting her lip,

"Fine... But try anything like that again and your dead!",

she punched the wall leaving a hole in it as she said the word 'dead'.

Daemon stared in disbelief,

"My wall!"

Ayase looked at the hole in the wall where her hand was and pulled back,

"Oh god, I am so sorry",

she proceeded to standing with her back against the wall

The blonde guy stood up and looked at Ayase then Daemon,

"I think I have an idea! As i feel slightly guilty for this how about you stay in my room tonight and I will fix this for you tomorrow"

Daemon looked at the blonde guy skeptically,

"And how are you going to do that?"

"I have me ways",

he replied. Ayase began to walk to the door,

"Sounds good to me, maybe he will stay in line if your with him",

she proceeded to closing the door behind her. Daemon watched as she left then turned back to the blonde stranger.

"So what is your name?"

"My name is Sam, nice to meet you!",

Sam replied. Daemon opened the door and walked out with same soon to follow,

"Well I am Daemon, I just wish it was as nice to meet you..."

Chapter 3:
That which makes the dark even darker

Daemon awoke the next morning to the sound of hammering, he rolled over and pulled the sheets off of him as the streaks of light shone through the window and into his eyes. He pulled his hand from his side and up to his forehead to block them out. Squinting he picked himself up off the wooden floor, as he did he caught his finger on nail. Daemon stood up looking at the crimson drops of blood as they dripped onto the floor, turning to white smoke as they did. He sucked on the cut until the blood stopped before drying it with the corner of his top.

"Seems even the dead can bleed...",

Daemon walked towards the door and opened it before proceeding to walk out of it, the hammering was coming from his room and Sam was no where to be found. Daemon hurried along to the hole and looked at it. It was clearly visible from the outside however from the inside it had been patched up... well mostly, there were three small gaps of light around the white patch that had been used, Daemon reached in and felt the material with his thumb and index finger before walking into his room.

Sam turned to look at him as he entered, he had a hammer in his hand and a nail in the other, "Hey! Morning to ya, thought I would go ahead and patch the hole up for you"

Daemon stared at a small pile of material behind Sam,

"Er, thanks I guess... If you don't mind me asking what are you using to pat-"

Daemon was cut of by the entrance of Ayase,

"Okay... Where are they?!",

she was bright red and furious, she was wearing what looked to be pyjamas with a nightie on top, "I know you took them!",

she stormed past Daemon and grabbed Sam by the collar.

"I-I don't know what your talking about",

he lightly kicked the small pile of material behind him to push it out of site but Ayase had noticed and her face went dark

"Are those what I think they are?",

she sounded cruel and sadistic as she spoke and tightened her grip on Sam's collar.


Sam squeaked. There was a blunt cracking noise as Sam went through the nearby wall, making the already existing hole much bigger, Ayase then proceeded to picking up the pile and walking out giving Daemon a cold look,

"You saw NOTHING! Understand?".

Daemon just nodded and let her pass. He looked through the hole at Sam who was now sitting up rubbing his head

"You made the hole bigger",

Daemon commented while shaking his head

"I think you will find Ayase through me here...",

Sam pulled a face as he stood up, and walked back through the hole into Daemon's room.

"If it wasn't for you, I doubt she would have thrown you",

Daemon started to collect the fragments of wall. As he was picking them up he noticed the appearance of some feet, he looked up to see Phantom.

"Well this isn't good... The wall has a hole in it",

Phantom raised his hand and waved it about in the hole to ensure he wasn't seeing things,

"This hole is big enough to fit a person"

Daemon just turned to look at Sam, where as Sam looked up at the ceiling, an innocent expression on his face

"Well not much we can do about it now, come on and hurry out, Classes begin shortly"

Daemon turned back to look at Phantom,

"Excuse me for asking but... where are our classes, we were not told"

Phantom chuckled at pointed down the path to Stone, who was just outside the gates picking up leaves,

"Stone will be helping you to discover your abilities, until then you shall not be attending classes",

Phantoms face went dark,

"and if you fail to discover them in a week then you shall be working with the rest of the rejects over there",

he pointed a the towering buildings in the distance

Phantom smiled once more and gave Daemon a light push out the door with Sam soon to follow.

The walk to the academy only took a few minutes, made easier due to the fact of being downhill. As they approached the gates they saw Stone, standing there with Ayase and two other people.

"So glad you decided to join us",

Stone smiled and waited for Daemon and Sam to gather with the others,

"Now for the next week we shall be undertaking a task in the human world, it will not only be difficult but it will also rely on you figuring out what it is"

Stone looked over the group before clicking his fingers,

"lets begin".

Daemon was suddenly over took by the feeling of falling, he tried to let out a yell but no noise came out, the next thing he saw was bright lights and astonished voices

"We found another, hurry!"

Daemons vision faded before focusing once more

"Impossible, I don't see an injury on him..."

Daemon turned slightly in an attempt to roll over but felt hands grab him and hold him down

"Stay still, we don't know what internal injuries you have"

Daemon just lay there waiting on something to happen... That is until a thought crossed his mind that had gone unnoticed up till now... Daemon bolted upright causing the nearby people to jump back in surprise, they all wore white clothes covered in dust, each had masks covering their mouths. Daemon looked around at the tunnel then at the upturned trained behind him.

Daemon tried to speak but his throat was dry... the nearby people held him down once more, as they tried to assess if he was hurt and in any normal set of circumstances he would be or rather he was, before Phantom found him...

Daemon wanted to get out of here, he didn't know how much time had passed nor what his family were thinking... He wanted to explain to them what was going on... no... he needed to...

Daemon walked down the dark alleys of the town, either side of him were towering houses all forced into as small a space as possible, they looked distorted and old. There was no light down this ally except for what escaped the curtains of the buildings.

It had taken around an hour before the rescue workers let him leave the tunnel in which the train and derailed. Many thoughts clouded Daemons head, How long had passed? What would he tell his family? What had caused the train to derail?

Daemon stopped,

"Who was that man... Why was he counting?",

there was a noise from behind, Daemon spun around to see who it was but no one was there,

"Damn it... What is going on..."

Daemon paused,

"Could it have been a dream",

he reached out his arms investigating his clothes and looking at the tears and rips,

"Impossible... I should be dead..."

"Damn it!", Daemon kicked the nearby wall, "What is going on?!"

Ayase opened her eyes, almost blinded by the intense light, she look around frantically at where she was. It was a hospital bed.


she rolled over and pulled herself from the bed. She felt weak as she stood up and looked around,

"Why am I here?"

She hobbled to the door... It opened as she reach for it almost knocking her over, a man stood there, he looked scared... no it was shock... maybe even joy...

Sam woke up to the feeling of a rough and almost powder like ground, he opened his eyes to darkness then strained his neck to look around, he was on the edge of a river. The water lapped at his feet... the sand and stones dug into his skin.

He force himself up, almost stumbling as he climbed the nearby rock up the embankment. he stood opposite a road, the pathway was deserted but the road still saw the odd car drive along it, it's lights shining brightly in the night.

Ayase stared at the familiar face, as did he stare back at her


The man exclaimed, "I knew it! I told them you couldn't be dead!"

The threw off his coat, straightened his glasses and rubbed his thick brown hair before turning and running down the hallway to the nearest nurse. Ayase shut the door and locked it, she then lean't against the wall breathing hard...

"I-I-I'm... Alive? But I was never...".

Ayase scrambled over to the bed and picked up a pile of card that lay at the bedside...

"Hey Ayase, I hope you get better soon!"

"You can do it!"

"A Coma won't stop you"

Ayase through the cards to the ground and clenched onto her hair, pulling out several strands,

"I-I don't understand..."

She collapsed against the bed crying as memories rushed back to her... there were flashes of light... A street, then a dark figure.. next thing she knew she was facing the sky, lights shone brightly... The dark figure loomed over her and her vision faded, her head throbbed...

Ayase clawed onto the sheets of the bed, "What happened to me... All I remember is darkness then... then I was there and now I am here..."

"Ayase! Whats wrong? Open up!",

the man was pounding on the door,

"hey! Why is the door locked!"

Ayase crawled along the floor and over to the door, unlocking it and looking at the man in the doorway, tears streaming down her face

"Dad... What happened to me?"

It was cold, dark and bitter... Such a feeling had not been felt for a long time. Daemon lean't against the old, crumbling wall and looked out across the small street. His head hurt, he wasn't sure what was going on... It all seemed so real but was it? His clothes were tattered and he had no powers to use in order to figure it out.

"Damn it...",

Daemon let out a sigh,

"Was I just lucky to have survived the crash after all?"

Footsteps could be heard coming down the alley, slowly getting louder and louder until a figure appeared in view of Daemon. They wore a dark cloak that covered them completely except for a small gap between the edge of the cloak and the ground. They turned and looked directly at Daemon, the light of the moon illuminating the lower half of their face. The stranger smiled...

"Do you doubt your own past? Or do you fear reality?",

The stranger spoke in a low tone, their voice was hollow and emotionless.

Daemon tried to take a step forward but found himself unable to, as if there was an intense weight pushing back against him.

Sam walked along the roadside for some time, shaking from the cold of his wet clothes combined with the chill of the night. The lights of the passing cars were bright but they only lasted a few seconds before he was left in dark awaiting in next one to brighten his way. Footsteps could be heard behind him, it seemed ominous at this time of night but Sam pushed them to the back of his mind as he searched for anywhere that looked familiar.

"Are you lost?",

the footsteps stopped as a woman's voice rung through the air.

Same turned around to look at a cloaked stranger, their body was well hidden apart from the end of their hair which hung out of the hood.

"I'm fine...",

Sam replied slowly then turned back around continuing on... The footsteps started up again, this time louder than before...

"Who are you...",

Daemon stared intently at the dark figure trying to work out who it was. He didn't understand who they were, why they were here or what they were doing but... It did help to prove one thing... It couldn't have been a dream...


Stone's voice could be heard from the end of the alleyway

"Damn it... He found me...",

The figure looked at Stone then back at Daemon, he released Daemon from his entrapment then disappeared in a flash of black light. Stone soon ran over and looked around for several moments before approaching Daemon

"Are you okay?",

Stone inspects Daemon for any wounds or injuries, "No... you seem alright..."

Daemon just nodded, he wasn't sure how to react. He had a lot of questions that hadn't even occurred to him before, plus more from just now... and for some reason he felt happy, in some bizarre way he was happy this had happened... For him to know that he hadn't dream't it all.

"Stone, we need to find the others and quick, lets go!",

A black cat appeared on the wall opposite.


Daemon looked at the cat,

"Is... Is that you?"

"Who else would it be? Do you know any other talking cats?",

Misty turned her attention from Daemon for a moment,

"There is another one nearby, I can smell them from here..."

Stone turned from Daemon to look down the alleyway and out to the almost empty streets.

"Lets hurry then...",

Stone started to move but Daemon grabbed his arm

"What is going on? Who was that? Why do you look panicked?!",

Daemon spoke with increasing intensity, he suddenly found himself impatient.

"There is no time to explain, we can talk about this later... just know I am sorry..."

The moonlight shone down across the cobble streets that formed the towns longest alley, it reach through almost a quarter of the town allowing for an easy way to get around but very few used it. Water was sprayed high reflecting and refracting the nearby light as it was launched into the air before dropping down to stain the legs of those that ran through it. Footsteps echoed throughout the alley, sounding out much further on the cold and quiet night...

A blood moon was rising...

"Over there!"

Cried Misty as she leapt over a gap in the wall, speeding up to reach the end of the Alley.

The light of the town consumed them for a minute as they reached the end of the alley before their eyes adjusted to new surroundings, however this could be though of as a double edged sword for at the end of the valley lay a corpse. It looked as if it had been there for years, decaying into bone and dust, but the cloaked figure standing on the other side of the road meant otherwise.

Stone and Misty were fixed on the figure while Daemon stared at the corpse in shock and disbelief,

"I...I Don't understand...",

His voice wavered as he spoke...

The sound of a large truck could be heard as it drove along the street, cutting off their view of the figure for only a few seconds, but that was all it needed, for when the truck had moved, the figure was gone. Stone looked up at Daemon

"There isn't anything we could have done... they got here first"

"Tell me... Who is it that lies there... You do know, don't you?"

"Not yet... the corpse is beyond identification..."

Daemon clenched his fists, "Damn it... I... I..."

Stone shook his head,

"We need to keep moving, the others can't be too far from here..."

The clocked ticked by ever slowly as Ayase waited for his response,

"Dad... What happened? Tell me?!.... Please....",

He dad moved towards her arms out, stepping ever so warmly towards her. But it wasn't a hug...

Ayase gasped for air as his hands clamped around her throat,

"D-Dad? W-what.... are... you... d-doing....",

she spokes between short gasps and tried to look at her fathers face but all she saw was darkness, the figure that once stood before her distorted and warped into blackness tightening its grip on her and slowly cutting of her breathing,

"Who..... Why?",

She looked up at it with tearful eyes as she was slowly consumed by the darkness and fell to the ground...

Stone stopped,

"There is another nearby...",

He looked around for a few moments before staring at a set of large buildings ahead of them.

Daemon walked to his side,

"In there?",

"I believe so...".

Daemon gritted his teeth and started running towards it,

"Come on then!",

He ran as fast as he could, Misty and Stone not far behind. It wasn't long before they stood outside the hospital staring up at its white and grey exterior in the dim light of the car park. Daemon opened the door and walked in.

"Which way?"

"A few floors up...",

Daemon nodded and headed for the lift, pushing past a group of people as he did so. They looked at him for a few moments and muttered about the 'youth of today' before carrying on like before.

The lift seemed small... even more so once Stone entered it. Daemon looked at Stone noticing the absence of Misty,

"Where is she?",

"Finding some clothes to change into... Hospital won't like a cat around the place..."

The lift doors closes and began to ascend slowly

"This is hardly the time to worry abou-"

Stone cut him off,
"I know but we don't want a commotion.. and a cat wandering about will cause that..."

The lift stopped and the doors slid open once more. Daemon looked out into the hall then back at Stone,

"Which way?"

Being positive may not solve all your problems, But it annoys enough people to make it worth it

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Stone pointed down a nearby hallway.

Daemon wasted no time in turning and heading down it. The various doors and windows flashed by as he ran,

"Which room?!",

Daemon was beginning to feel the strain of all the running about, this was not quite what he expected "death" to be like.

"The one on the end!".

Daemon tried to keep his pace, aiming for the last room along... 309, 311, 315, 317, 319.. He skidded to a stop outside 321, holding onto both sides of the door frame with his hands, panting as he looked in. Ayase lay on the floor, she wasn't moving,


Daemon looked around the room then moved to her side, he shook her gently at first but then slighly harder,

"Come on Ayase!"

Stone soon appeared behind him and was quick to place his his hand to Ayase's forhead,

"I detect signs of life, she is alive",

He moved away again and began to look around the room, then peered into the hall again,

"We need to get her out of here now, The assailant probably sensed us and left before finishing the job, he won't be far..."

Daemon looked between Ayase and Stone then began to nod before stopping,

"What about the others?"

Stone shook his head for a moment,

"We can come back, but we know for a fact Ayase is alive right now, so lets act on that first!"

Daemon froze,

Being positive may not solve all your problems, But it annoys enough people to make it worth it
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"But we can't just leave them! What if they are alive now but in danger!"

Stone walked up to Daemon and looking him straight in the eye,

"And what if we find them all dead and ten don't make it back in time to save Ayase? What then?"

Daemon cursed under his breath and sat on the bed, he was confused and didn't know what to do. It was then at this point that Misty appeared wearing a nurses outfit. She looked down at Ayase then at Stone and finally Daemon,

"Is she alright?"

Stone nodded,

"If we get her back she will be fine",


Misty walked into the room and took a small pen out from her pocket and handed it to Stone,

"I know standard procedure is to use blood, but this will do right?",

Stone took the pen and walked to the window,

"It will do",

He started to draw various symbols on the window, each one lighting up a different colour as it was finished. The window began to warp and shimmer as more sybmols were finished,

"When I place the final symbol on here we will be transported back to Ellundril, get ready",


Only Misty answered him. Daemon remained sitting there. Stone drew out the last symbol and a blidning blue light engulfed the room. After a moment the room was empty apart from what was there originally.

Chapter 4:
Dreams and Realtity

They arrived back at Ellundril within what appeared to be a hospital wing, not to different from the hospital they were just in, however, the technology level here appeared much more advanced. Either side of the wing were 2 rooms each of them had six beds, three either side of the room with larger windows at the end of the rooms. Daemon picked Ayase up from the floor and held her similar to a princess, however the idea of romantacism in this case did not cross his mind, it was merely the easiest way to carry her considering his lack of physical strength. Stone led them into one of the rooms and to the closest bed.

"Daemon, place her down on there. The room is filled with healing energies and should quickly help her to recover providing she doesn't move around too much",

Daemon just nodded, he was still not entirely happy about the decision made but Stone was right in this moment. There was nothing else they could do and knowing one would be saved is better than no one surviving whatever that lesson was suppose to be.
Stone stood by Misty as Daemon placed Ayase onto the bed and pulled the covers over her.

"Misty, head back to classes. There is no need for you to be here now".

Misty who had been looking at the bed till now turned to Stone and stared at him with an expression of refusal.

"Don't give me that, we need Ayase to rest... come back here after classes are done if you want to see her.",

Misty pouted,


She then left the room and headed towards the classrooms, seemingly having forgotten about the nurses outfit. Stone walked back to Daemon and looked down at Ayase on the bed for a few moments before turning back to Daemon.

"I am sure yo-"

Daemon cut him off with a barrage of questions,

"What was that lesson about? Why were you and Misty there? Who was that person in the cloak?",

There was a pause,

"Are my family safe? Do they even know what is going on?"

Stone sighed and sat on the edge of the bed. He looked down at the floor with a stern expression on his face. He thought about how he could phrase his reply but quickly gave up and gave it to Daemon bluntly,

"That lesson was to see how you would react to being back in the human world. The shock sometimes grants people there abilities, however I had nothing to do with the people who attacked. In regard to my being there, that was to observe. Misty was there after asking to join me and to see what would happen.",

Stone let out a long breath,

"When it comes to your family, they are safe. As far as they are aware they are dead",

Daemon clenched his fists slightly and bit his lip. It was a few seconds before he relaxed slightly,

"You missed one of my questions".

Stone shook his head and stood up,

"That is because I don't know the answer to it. Individually I have no idea who the attackers were. As a group there are many theories and conspiracies of those who hunt Reapers",

"Then why did you apolagise to me",

"Because it seemed like the right thing to do, nothing more, nothing less",

"You said you need to explain things later",

"I just did...",

Daemon clenched his fists again as Stone walked to the door. He began to talk then stopped and walked out leaving Daemon with Ayase in the empty room. Daemon sat down on the chair that stood by the bed and placed his head in his hands as he tried to make sense of everything. This wasn't a life... or even a death he would have chosen. Why was he being forced to live it? Why did he have to see suffering like this? His thoughts were interupted by Ayase stirring,

"H-Hey? Ayase, are you okay?",

There was no response but she continued to stir. Daemon wasn't sure what was going on, most people would stir and settle down again, but she continued. Did something happen to her when she was attacked? Daemon shook his head in an attempt to dispel the thoughts, perhaps it was just a fever or something. He placed his hand to her forehead to try and check.

There was a flash of light followed by darkness. Daemon found himself floating in what seemed to be a void of black. Around him small lights of pale blue began to appear, illuminating the area around him. He was still floating but could now make out the shape and face of Ayase who stood lay infront of him. The world began to take shape again through th darkness and the lights faded away again,

"W-What is this?",

Daemon looked up upon hearing a familiar voice. Ayase was standing in the middle of the room. Daemon looked down then up again,

"I-impossible? Two Ayases?",

He looked from the sleeping one to the standing one. Ayase looked as confused as himself, she held her arm out then began patting herself down,

"Am... Am I dead? Again? Or is this some kind of out of body experience?",

Daemon was about to answer her with words of agreeance as that was all he could think but the world turned black again. The image of a train appeared, it rattled through a dark tunnel but suddenly rocked side to side with a loud screech before tipping over. The image blurred and dispelled into a dark cloaked figure laughing. Daemon felt that familiar pressure again. All of a suddent there was a scream, it was Ayases voice. Daemon could see Ayase again, but a figure loomed over her, reaching for her. It cut out.

Daemon found himself lying forward onto Ayase's bed. He closed his eyes for a moment the opened them again, bolting upwards and looking around the room. Everything was normal, Ayase was still asleep and her stirring had stopped. Something seemed off though, Daemon felt and uncomfortable feeling. It was similar to someones fingers gently stroking your back, sending pulse through your spine, except in this case it felt like it was coming from his hand. Daemon looked down at his clenched fists and began to open them, almost hesitant from both the feeling and what he had just experienced.

Daemon shot abck in the chair, slamming into the wall and almost falling off. Along his right index finger a rune or symbol had appeared. It looked as though it was cut into him and had healed into some strange scar. He uncurled his other fist and checked all ten of his fingers carefully, each was blank except for that one finger,

"What... is this...?"

Being positive may not solve all your problems, But it annoys enough people to make it worth it
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Okay guys and gals this will be the last update to the story for now. It is the remainder of chapter 4. I will be continuing the story however I shall not be posting it online for the time being.

Daemon continued to stare at the mark on his finger for several minutes before hearing footsteps outside the room. Although he didn't really have a reason for it, Daemon hid his right hand in his pocket so that no one could see the strange symbol. Phantom's head appeared around the door and his body soon followed as he stood at the end of the bed looking down on Ayase before briefly looking at Daemon and then back to Ayase. He closed his eyes for a few seconds and sighed then opened them again, looking over at daemon once more.

"It would appear she is recovering well. In fact I would go so far as to say she is recovering faster than I expected after hearing about the events from Stone",

Daemon became hunched in the chair and pushed against the bed with his feet so that he was leaning back against the wall,

"That doesn't change the fact that those events happened",

"No, I suppose you are right",

Phantom paused,

"So if you were in Stone's position, what would you have done?"

Daemon was rather surprised by the question and that surprised was visible on his face as he let the chair fall back to the ground,

"I don't know, I guess at that moment I would have gone in search of the others"

"That would make sense considering the pressure of that moment",

Daemon relaxed slightly upon hearing Phantom's words. Phantom took a short breath,


Daemon tensed up again,


"But, it means that from a logical point of view thigns could have been worse",

Daemon let out a low sigh,

"You follow his mindset then?"

"Not at all, in fact I would have done a you stated"

This surprised Daemon even more, he was expecting some kind of logical or wise response that would provoke some kind of amazing realisation or at the very least a growing bitterness to the situation. Daemon sat up straight,


Phantom was not surprised by the question in any sense and near instantly replied,

"No idea"

Daemon sighed and slumped forward again. As per before he was expecting some thought provoking response but had failed to get it. It was at that moment another thought crossed his mind,

"Does the Academy have a library or an archive? Somewhere I can go to learn about things either Human or Reaper."

Phantom leant against the wall and placed his finger to his chin, he tapped it a few times as he placed the words together in his head,

"Well we have a library in the Academy. Other than that there is a main archive located nearby but it is offsite. The Library is best for general history or current affairs where as the Archive keeps track of most historical events, more so Reaper than human. What is it you are wanting to find out?"

Daemon carefully thought about what words to use as he didn't want to say anything about the mark on his finger till he either knew what it was or couldn't find anything out,

"I want to look up the history of Ellundril",

Phantom's face showed an expression mixed somewhere between joy and shock upon hearing Daemon's statement. He took him a little more than just a few moments to recompose himself to a more serious look before finally speaking,

"In that case the Archive is what you seek",

Phantom looked down at Ayase for a moment then back at Daemon. He had remembered he needed to do some paperwork which is part of the reason he rushed down to Ayase, as he did not particularly want to sit and do it.

"If you want I can take you there now. I have nothing urgent to do and I am sure she will be asleep for quite a while yet",

Daemon looked unsure and spent a few seconds weighing up his priorities before sighing and shaking his head.

"Okay, but can you have someone let me know if she wakes up?"

Phantom clapped his hands together lightly,

"I will watch over her myself. After taking you there of course"

Phantom smiled innocently. He was rather relieved to have an excuse to get out of his work for once and was more than happy to take that opportunity.

Daemon nodded and stood up, allowing Phantom to lead him out of the room. Phantom led Daemon through the medical wing and into the Academy, past several classrooms then into a courtyard. Upon entering the courtyard Phantom made a quick turn and led them alongside the Academy till they reached an old fence with a broken and rusted gate. Beyond the fence was a path which led down a grassy hill. Further from that was the towering skyscrapers that made up the city. Phantom walked down the path a short distance before turning again to what looked like a small door built into the hill.

"This is the entrance to the Archives, here we keep not only many records of Ellundril's past but also many items that go with those records. Feel free to browse either, providing you do not damage anything."

Phantom produced a small key from his cloak and opened the door then took a step back,

"I will be in the medical wing if you need me, I am sure you can get back by yourself",

"Er, yeah... Thanks",

Daemon watched as Phantom walked away before stepping into the doorway and closing the door behind him. There was a low whirring noise and the sensation of slowly dropping. It appeared that Daemon was in a lift of some kind. After several minutes of continuous whirring there was a slight shaking and the lift came to a stop, the wall behind it opened revealing the Archives.

Being positive may not solve all your problems, But it annoys enough people to make it worth it
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Rewrite of chapter 1


Being positive may not solve all your problems, But it annoys enough people to make it worth it
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Elements of a Reaper

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