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 Battle Royale, Round 1

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Did you not hear? God

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Did you not hear? God>
PostSubject: Battle Royale, Round 1   Sun Jun 08, 2014 10:48 pm

If I may suggest and RP, here it is.

Roleplay 1: Battle Royale, Round 1

I'd suggest reading this completely as to be sure about the character you're creating/using. The most important part of this will be who you're up against so I highly recommend reading it.

The winner of this RP, if any (me excluded), will gain extra amounts of gold within my next RP

Brief description: The concept here is simple, it is everyone and everything versus one, me. This will be a turn-based RP in which the turn order will be decided once everyone has successfully posted.

God Mode: There will be no God Mode within this RP. God Modes are listed below:
Power limiting: You are not allowed any powers in which can instantly kill or revive another being. Revival may be a thing yet would have severe concequences on your characters, EG. extreme fatigue.
Damaging: You may not simply say, "Dodges incoming attack." You will need a complete action with at least minimal description such as "Leaps to the left, rolling out of the way of the spear."
Death: You can die in this RP. Do not forget the main goal is to kill the one person you're all after. The idea here is that you can't be all powerful and unkillable, there must be multiple ways in which you can die and these ways MUST be achievable.


Posting Time Limit: 2 days, if there has been no post by a RPer within the time limit of 2 days, any attacks against them can and will hit.

Magical Restriction: Powers can not be spammed constantly, there must be a penalty if so such as losing a lot of energy which would then effect your overall agility.

Action Limit: Within a post, you can only do an offensive action and a defensive. You are not allowed to do more than one offensive actions such as attacking with a sword whilst shooting with a gun, you must give the other person time to react. Defensive actions can be said multiple times such as rolling out of the way and raising your shield, ETC.

Character limit: If you die, you may rejoin with a completely different character just remember to post the description with your post, wait at least two rounds before you enter again (by two rounds I mean two actions by the person everyone is killing).

General Tips: Don't forget, this is everyone versus one, make friends with the rest and team up to possibily increase your damage. If you are going to be more defensive and have some form of healing, don't be stingy and attempt to use it on others if need be. Make sure you don't make more enemies within this RP, that could only cost you your life. Another key factor to remember is not getting in the way of another person's attack, you could easily be stabbed/shot due to being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Who you will be up against:

Name: Yesera the cyborg gunsman

Date of Creation: Unknown

Place of Origin: Unknown

Purpose: To kill

Weaponry: .44 Magnum Revolver, each bullet being filled and covered with a mixture of Clostridium Botulinum so that if the bullet hits, blocking the chemical which makes the nerves work and thus paralysing the person. A Winchester Model 1887, shells also filled and outlined with a mixture of Clostridium Botulinum. A long Katana which hangs on his back, the blade made of ADNR - short for Aggregated Diamond Nanorods.

Armour: He is mainly made of ADNR, same as his sword yet covered with a thick layer of human flesh to conceal his true form.

Brief description: Date and Origin of creation unknown, he is simply known for the trail of destruction in which follows him. He is both a hired gunman and a homicide.
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Battle Royale, Round 1

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