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 Important Announcement: 2015 changes for the RP Club

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Miss Elegent Serenity
Ribbon Lover (Admin)
Ribbon Lover (Admin)

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Miss Elegent Serenity>
PostSubject: Important Announcement: 2015 changes for the RP Club   Fri Nov 07, 2014 12:38 pm

After discussing with everyone in the RP chat, it has been decided. TBRP will be moving back to JD. But that doesn't mean the death of TBRP. The site will still be up and running, BUT we will be moving all the RP's into JD.
Reasons for the move:
1) This will allow everyone to RP in one place instead of two. Having it in two has divided up the RP group/ community.
2) JDO has a lot more to offer then TBRP. One being that while members are waiting for replies they can check out all the other threads JDO has to offer.
3) If we can, we will have more then one type of RP running
D&D RP's, TBRP's, and BRRP's
D&D- Dungeons and Dragons Role Playing
TBRP- Text Based Role Playing (standard text RPing)
BRRP'S- Battle Royal Role Playing (battling to the death)
4)This will allow our members to only have to create one account compared to having to create two accounts to RP. Making it easier on our RPer's. This might also attract more member into this site, seeings there are several RPers that are in different areas that have yet to discover us. Lets give them a place to RP in on JDO
I will be starting the transfer of the threads of TBRP into the RP club here in JDO. Those that have threads in TBRP are more then welcome to go ahead and make the transfer (Post the 1st page over) I am going to see if there is any way to transfer the actual threads here, but there is no guarantee that we can do it and if that is the case I will personally start moving the threads over and then post the last post from each member to follow. My goal is to have everything up and going by or before New Years.
We originally started in JD before it had shut down. But now JD is back and stronger then ever. Now let us return as well!!

~welcome to TBRP im your admin Miss Elegent Serenity (Ella Serenity for short) if you have any questions feel free to ask me. Feel free to jump in  any of the threads at any time or message me for thread info ~
the ultimate beauty - is her heart, a pure crystal diamond that holds no sin, but has known it. A heart that only gives to others, and yet, in doing so, takes the hearts of others by becoming their idol.A perfect form. A perfect heart.Bound together in perfection, with elegant serenity.  ~mateuss
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Important Announcement: 2015 changes for the RP Club

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