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 -RP- Dead Winter

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Catgirl Enthusiast (Admin)
Catgirl Enthusiast (Admin)

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PostSubject: -RP- Dead Winter    Fri Jan 18, 2013 6:07 am

It watches from every alley. Waits in every sliver of darkness. It is death, given life. It is the end of our lives, and the beginning of theirs.

There is no escape. You may hide, but they will find you. You may run, but they will catch you.

They are the living dead.

Our once beautiful world has gone cold and harsh. The strong may survive, while the weak will become nothing more than cold flesh, consumed by hunger.

But you must not give in. You are the last hope for humanity. You are a survivor, and that is what you must do. Survive. Whether alone, or in a group, you must*live. They may have numbers, but we have something they could never hope to have. They may be alive, but they are no longer human. They do not possess our intelligence, our heart, our spirit. They are empty husks.

The land is as dead as the people. The days are bitterly cold, and the nights even more so. The snow is awash in the blood of your loved ones, and those you've never known. The sky is the last beauty of this world, but you may find that looking up is not a sound decision. They are always present. They do not sleep. They do not rest. They do not change their minds. They only hunger. They are always coming, and they're coming for you.

You've been running for six weeks. How long until your legs give out? When they do, the dead will catch you. You must stop running. You must stand strong. You are a shining ray of hope in this winter nightmare, the cold steel to pierce the flesh of this tainted world.

Find a cure, or kill them all. The options are few.

The one option you must not choose, is to die.

Live, proud human; and fight.

Fight, and survive this dead winter.


In this thread, you will be playing the roles of survivors attempting to survive the Zombie Apocalypse. To that end, you will be allowed two skills sets, Your Profession and your Hobby. Profession is the skill you are an Expert in, while your hobby is the skill your are capable at.
Here are the skill sets:

Character info:

Weapons: Limited to 2(melee or ranged , 1 heavy, 1 light or 2 light.)

A few important points:
Zombies are of the George A. Romero style of shambling zombie. They have a good sense of smell and hearing, as well as sight. However, their vision will worsen as time goes on, due to their eyes drying out. As well as this, zombies are most dangerous as part of a 'pack' or 'horde'. They are also reasonably strong, if they get a hold on you, you'll be hard pressed to remove them.

Infection Mechanism- If you are infected, you will have three days to find a cure, your condition slowly getting worse. There will be, however, ways for a Medic to create something to slow the virus progress through your system, though that is only a temporary measure.
A scratch from a zombie will not cause infection and a bite will only have a small chance to do so. However, consumption of infected flesh or blood will definitely lead to infection.

Credit goes to Zombie Rampage for the original idea.
Thanks to Enigma and MateusseDarkslight for all their help in bringing this to fruition.

Have fun, and try not to get yourself eaten.

Character list:
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Catgirl Enthusiast (Admin)
Catgirl Enthusiast (Admin)

Posts : 956
Join date : 2013-01-18

PostSubject: Re: -RP- Dead Winter    Fri Jan 18, 2013 6:22 am

Miss Elegent Serenity
paige looked over at her brother
"go have your nap then"
she looked back at daz
"so what do you think we should do, split up and go our separate ways? or travel together and maybe find a bigger vehicle on that can fit us all in"
she thought for a moment
"finding a bigger vehicle would probably take less fuel then two"


Nikita laughed at the thought.

"Either way, I'm driving my truck. I don't expect you to give me any fuel. I'll find my own."


Sven decided that he might as well stop pretending to be asleep, he had figured out what was going on.

"if you dont mind me asking, where do we intend on going anyway?"


"My only goal is north. You'd have to ask your group there about what they plan to do."


"i'm still kinda not sure how i got here but i might just stick with you guys since i havent seen any people since the outbreak"


James sat up as he took the earpiece from his ear.
"Well we're heading north, but apparently I, well we, now have to deliver whatever data and samples that a field research team had gathered and take it to a top secret lab in Canada."
He looked around as he scanned the area.
"I can probably go retrieve it by myself as long as we can get close enough on the road. heading there is probably better than staying around here and not knowing where to go."
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-RP- Dead Winter

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