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 Everlasting Purity

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Catgirl Enthusiast (Admin)
Catgirl Enthusiast (Admin)

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PostSubject: Everlasting Purity   Sat Feb 02, 2013 11:37 pm

I have decided to start work on a new story. This does not mean the end of "Elements of a Reaper", however I currently lack the passion to continue it and have decided to take a break to play around with not only some of my newer ideas but to also take on board and put to work the ideas and tips you all have given me. My plan is for this to be a weekly release, however I may release several smaller parts one week and then a larger part the following weeks. I hope you enjoy...

"We are but immortal souls living in mortal flesh, to be done with as our lord chooses... For we are chosen"

"We are rotting flesh bought to death by a corrupted soul, in this world we are all fated to such an end... For we are cursed"

"We are the defiers of fate, the ones who seek the truth of this world. We shall not rest till the truth is known... For we are human..."

The rain beat down hard that day, it left little dry and even less warm. The walls stood high around me, letting no one in, but the rain doesn't care for such mind games and breaks through anyway. That is right, I am human and nothing will change that. I will continue on in my days searching for something that cannot be found, something that will leave me with nothing in the end. I am mortal and in the end nothing I have done will change that...

"Hey mister?",

A voice? Where is it coming from? This is my land and I should be the only one in it, there is no room for another within these walls


A sweet voice, innocent and pure... A child. Why would a child be here? This is not a place for children and this world has no need for them anyway. Such a small world needs only me...

"Help me...",

The was a thump as I found myself to be laying on the floor of my room. The room was cold and dark, barely furnished with only a bed and desk. The whole house was like this but I didn't care, I didn't need much else. I only required myself and my thoughts... Though sustenance did help me to get through each day. The alarm clock started to go off, I woke up early again. I pull myself up and head to the bathroom. I spent a few moments looking in the mirror. My hair was greasy and I needed a shave, most businesses would throw an employee out for looking like such, but mine didn't care. "A valued resource", my boss would say, "A genius of sorts", my co-workers would say. I hated it, all of it.

It was past nine when I finally left the house, I wore a T-shirt and Jeans, a disgraceful attire for work... If I worked somewhere that cared. The streets were crowded at this time of day as everyone hurried to where they needed to be, whether it be school, work or perhaps some are even off to meet a secret lover. This is a corrupt world and no one even cares any more. It didn't take me long to reach my workplace and I stood outside it entrance for a minute or two, looking up at the higher windows. The building was an office, nothing more and nothing less. Some would call it a prison but I call it my second home. After all, I spend half my life here where as the other half is at my house, does that not qualify? I doubt it, but I still didn't care. This world was far too big and my life far too short for me to spend much time on the thought of caring.

It was almost ten when I finally sat at my desk, the murmurs of workers could be heard despite the closed door of my office. It was at this point that my mind wondered back to the child's voice. Who was it? There shouldn't be anyway for them to get into that place... My most sacred of places where I can truly be alone with myself. Were they bought there by the rain? Couldn't be... the rain is always there and it has never once bought anyone or anything before. I had to find out who they were... No not who, but how. How did they exist in that place for I did not put them there...

Being positive may not solve all your problems, But it annoys enough people to make it worth it
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Everlasting Purity

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