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 Untitled (poem)

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PostSubject: Untitled (poem)   Sun Mar 09, 2014 1:08 pm

I wrote this about 10 years ago....enjoy


The shadow stood in the door way.
Red eyes pricing those whom inhabited within.
The call of death called to someone inside.
She could feel his hear beating,
His breath,
His blood rushing in his body.

She bore her fangs,
Screaming her song of death,
And sheer hate.

She rushes through the room.
Time almost coming to a stand still.
Her target clearer in her vision.
Her sword in hand.
Bringing down all those that choose to stand in her path.

Blood on the tip of the blade,
Screams of agonizing death,
And the final breaths of the dying,
Becomes the new song that she sings.

Her target,
The last standing.
He turns around,
Drawing his sword.
His eyes empty.
Just as his heart is.

They both run towards each other.
The sound of life all but a faint cry in the distance.
They clash for only a moment,
And both stop in their tracks.

Both lean forward,
Then fall to their knees.

Blood pools around her head.
Her vision blurs,
As she dies.
The last thing she hears,
Is the stopping heart of her foe.
She smiles,
Closing her eyes.
"I have taken you to the grave." She breaths.
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Untitled (poem)

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