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 Anti-Fractal Academy

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PostSubject: Re: Anti-Fractal Academy   Mon Nov 17, 2014 1:24 pm

OOT: Sorry I haven't posted in the last few days, I've been pretty busy this weekend.

Kage glanced back at Demitri with a somewhat worried expression and whispered to him.
"She's kinda...scary, know what I mean?"
Demitri tilted his head, seeming confused.
"Huh? Do you really think so?"

"Never mind..."
Doing his best to put on a smile, Kage turned back to Adelie.
"Well, it's nothing all that special, really. I'm studying metallurgy-- you know, different kinds of metals and how they're made and all that."
Demitri smirked and rubbed his chin.
"That's right, I remember you mentioning that at some point. You want to create a lighter, stronger metal that can be put to all sorts of uses, something that will become "the greatest revolution in metallurgy since the invention of steel!" At least, I think it was something like that."

Now it was Kage's turn to feel embarrassed.
"I wasn't gonna mention all of that right off the bat..."
"Ah. Sorry. But I suppose you could say that "turnabout is fair play," as the old saying goes."
"You got me there."
"More importantly, I think you two might have an opportunity here. Adelie is studying artificial intelligence-- she mentioned using her research to construct an android at some point. That android will need a body, maybe one that's made out of the material you're going to invent?"
Kage's face lit up a little.
"Hey, that'd be pretty cool!"
He turned to Adelie.
"So, is that true? You're really gonna make an android like something right out of Star Trek?"
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PostSubject: Re: Anti-Fractal Academy   Mon Nov 17, 2014 4:51 pm

( ooc: Don't worry~! I've been a bit busy, too. Holidays coming up and all next week. )

She looked at Kage a bit confused but laughed, "I do hope it turns out a bit better than the ones on that show. But it's nice to hear about your studies. I would like to see a small sample of it if you happen to have one."
It was a weight off of her shoulders when Demitri pointed out the possible ease of access for one of her main materials.
"You wouldn't actually have one... would you?" She looked at Kage wide-eyed and hopeful. He stayed silent. "Sorry... I got a bit ahead of myself. Anyways, back to the android..." She smiled and continued on with the initial conversation, "I hope to develop something that has to do with astronomy as well. It will be difficult, but I'm up for the challenge."

Her phone abruptly started to ring again, frustrated with it going off for the third time in a row she sighed and answered the call, "Это лучше иметь важное значение. (This better be important.)" Hearing the voice on the other end, she immediately felt all the color drain from her skin. "Ах... мама. Я прошу прощения за грубость к вам. Я думал, что это был кто-то другой. (Ah... mama. I apologize for being rude to you. I thought it was someone else.)"
Adelie looked at Kage and Demitri apologetically and excused herself from the table before wandering off to find a quiet place to continue her call. "Вы слышали от папы? Я прошу только потому, что клиенты пытаются говорить со мной. Я думал , папа сказал им нет. (Have you heard from Dad? I ask only because the clients are trying to talk to me.)"

After she left the table, Kage looked at Demitri again. "Now do you see what I meant by my previous statement of her being kind of... scary? Most times Ivan doesn't even sound that harsh on the phone when it rings." He shrugged his shoulders and tried to put the incident out of his head.
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PostSubject: Re: Anti-Fractal Academy   Tue Nov 18, 2014 3:29 pm

After a few moments of silence, Kage spoke up again.
"So, how did you and Adelie meet?"
"That's...a rather interesting story. She came in to watch one of my experiments out of curiosity and passed out, partly from smoke and partly from not eating anything recently. I took her to the infirmary to make sure she was alright and we've been hanging out ever since she woke up."
"Wow. Not the best way to make a first impression, huh?"
"Tell me about it."
"So...real talk...is she always that scary?"
Demitri raised an eyebrow.
"You keep saying that but I honestly have no idea what you're talking about."

Kage hung his head slightly and let out a heavy sigh.
"Why did I even bother asking...? It's not like anything ever fazes you, anyhow. I swear, you've gotta have the best poker face in all of AF Academy."
Demitri chuckled slightly.
"You just need a chance to get to know her. She's actually a very kind and sweet girl. You might not believe it from what you've seen of her, but she was actually sort of shy and awkward when we first met. She always gets so embarrassed when she accidentally slips into Russian mid-sentence."

He chuckled some more, and he had a slight sparkle in his eyes that didn't escape Kage's notice. With a wry smile, Kage spoke in a hushed tone.
"So, have you asked her out yet?"
Demitri suddenly fell silent and blinked a few times. Kage's smile grew wider since this was the closest thing he's seen to a startled Demitri since they first met.
"I haven't really thought about anything like that. We did just meet, after all. Don't you think you're getting ahead of yourself just a little?"
"Aw, come on. I know what I saw! You only get that kind of look on your face when you're excited about your research."
"I wonder if she's almost finished with that phone call."
"Like I'm gonna let you change the subject that easily."
Ignoring that last comment, Demitri turned around to see if she actually was coming back or not.
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PostSubject: Re: Anti-Fractal Academy   Tue Nov 18, 2014 5:29 pm

Pacing the hallways she rolled her eyes. Her mother was dragging on the conversation way more than it needed to be. The only answers that Adelie could fit in were yes and no. She was starting to become more and more frustrated and the only way to get back to Kage and Demitri was cutting her mother off in mid-conversation. "Мама, я хотел, чтобы больше поговорить о том, что сосед делает и слушать ваши критические замечания, как она висит ее белье для просушки. Но, я должен идти. У меня есть друзья, которые ждут меня. (Mama, I 'd like to talk more about what the neighbor is doing and listen to your criticisms of how she hangs her laundry to dry. But, I have to go. I have friends who are waiting for me.)"
Hoping that got the message across, she started to make her way back to the cafeteria. There were less students in there before, dinner must have been finished with the majority of everyone in there.
"Да, мама, я знаю, что это немного слишком холодным для кого-то, чтобы повесить их прачечную, чтобы высохнуть. (Yes mama, I know this is a bit too cold for someone to hang their laundry to dry.)" Still no luck, she walked on back to the table and pulled her chair out before sitting down. She pulled the phone away from her ear and rolled her eyes. Trying one last time to stop the conversation, she sighed and spoke again, "Мама ... мама. Я должен повесить сейчас. Уже поздно здесь. Я позвоню тебе завтра. Да мама . Скажите семью я люблю их. Я тоже тебя люблю. Спокойной ночи. (Mama... mama. I have to hang up now. It's late here. I'll call you tomorrow. Yes mama. Tell the family I love them. I love you too. Good night.)" With that said she hung up the phone and put it back into her pocket.

She noticed that there was a different atmosphere at the table. Confused at what happened while she was gone, she looked at Kage and Demitri trying to piece together what happened. One had a joking look on his face while the other seemed to try to avoid Adelie's gaze.
"Что здесь произошло? (What happened here?)" There was no response. "Не собираетесь сказать мне? Какой позор. (Not going to tell me? What a shame.)"

Kage squinted at her, "What are you trying to say here? I have no idea what you're saying." Moments later he grunted as Demitri kicked his leg under the table.

Finally realizing what happened, she hid her face in embarrassment. "I did it again... Мне жаль (I'm sorry)." She let out an embarrassed squeak and quickly tried to translate what she said before. "I... I'm just confused at what happened. You two seem different since I came back."
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PostSubject: Re: Anti-Fractal Academy   Thu Nov 20, 2014 6:34 am

Demitri calmly sipped his drink as if nothing happened.
"Nothing important, just making small talk. You came back at just the right time, actually."

Kage shot him a look.
"Oh, no you don't."
He gave Adelie a wry grin.
"Actually, we were just talking about--"
He was cut off by another swift kick under the table by Demitri. Kage groaned with a dejected look on his face, having apparently given up for now.
"Man...that's what I get for trying to help..."
Demitri turned to Adelie with a smile.
"That reminds me, you said that you were still unpacking, isn't that right? Well, I still feel sort of responsible for what happened today so what do you say I make it up to you by helping you settle in?"

Kage soon chimed in after rubbing his hurt leg a little.
"You can count me in, too. I still feel bad for not saying anything when Arin gave you guys so much trouble."
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PostSubject: Re: Anti-Fractal Academy   Thu Nov 20, 2014 6:34 pm

She stared at Kage for a bit. Something about those two phrases he said before offering to help intrigued her. She wondered what they were talking about. Or what he was trying to pry out of Demitri, rather. After silently staring at him for a couple minutes, her mind flipped to Demitri and Kage's offer to help her unpack.
"I'd appreciate your help." Adelie nodded in agreement. "But... I think we should start tomorrow. It's getting a bit late."

Kage looked at his phone and whistled, "You think?"
Seeing this as an opportune time, he nudged Demitri in his arm with his elbow in an attempt to get his attention. Assuming he had it, he leaned in and whispered something about walking Adelie back to her room.
Demitri just simply cleared his throat in response.

Confused at what the others were doing, she stood up and pushed in her chair. "I think I'm going to call it a night. Maybe make a cup of tea before getting into bed. Oh, and before I forget, what time are we meeting up?"
Feeling like everything was said and done, she started to walk out of the cafeteria.

Pretty sure she was out of earshot, Kage looked at Demitri. "Come on! Now is like the perfect chance, man."

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PostSubject: Re: Anti-Fractal Academy   Sat Nov 22, 2014 12:05 am

Thread Locked and moved to :

Please continue in the above link thanks

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PostSubject: Re: Anti-Fractal Academy   

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Anti-Fractal Academy

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