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 Slice of Life

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PostSubject: Slice of Life   Mon Jun 02, 2014 7:59 am

So here's my idea for an RP.
This RP takes place in our world, in our time. All characters must be normal people, and their abilities can only make them just about average. You can have any occupation you'd like, and you can be situated anywhere you'd like. The only twist is that every Saturday at midnight, CST, I'll use a random number generator to pick a number between one and thirty. You can choose whatever number you like, but when your number gets chosen, your character must die. Here's what your character description should look like:
Name: Lawrence Phenex
Age: 21
Job: Part time cashier at a convenience store, Student at a local university
Location: United States (Central Illinois)
Number: 29
Special Abilities: Can recite the alphabet backwards, Can do basic algebra in his head
Of course, these rules will apply to my characters as well, and if your character dies, feel free to make another one, but you can't use the same number twice. Also, try not to choose the same number as someone else. It causes too much death.
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PostSubject: Re: Slice of Life   Sat Jun 07, 2014 2:43 pm

Name: Carlito Castano Gutierrez
Age: 25
Job: Whatever he can find.
Location: Travels America in search of work.
Number: 52
Abilities: Can speak Spanish and English, a very strong man with a wide variety of knowledge in physical labor.

"Hurry! Before they find us!"
Carlito heard in front of him as he ran across the Arizona desert, carrying a large backpack full of cocaine on his back. He didn't like having to resort to illegal activities, but he had to in order to get into America and begin his new life. If he completed this deal, he was promised an American citizens card provided by the drug cartel he was working for. Sure it was fake, but it would do. He traveled with a cocaine smuggling veteran and four other plain guys looking to start a new life. They've recently crossed the border and have been running for a long distance. Suddenly, there was a barking sound coming from behind the crew.
"¡Mierda! They have the dogs! Run as fast as you can, you only get your citizenship if you keep your cocaine, if you drop it, we'll find and kill you!"
The guide began to ran at a high speed, and Carlito ran as fast as he could to keep up. He sprinted as if his life depended on it, and even managed to pass the guide. He kept on running until he ran into a truck that fitted the description of the getaway truck the group was suppose to get in. Carlito jumped in and the truck sped across the desert floor. Carlito was breathing heavily when he realized that the truck left everyone else behind. Carlito didn't say anything though, he understood how this would work.
"You got the goods?"
Asked one of the men in the front seat in the truck. Carlito responded with an affirmative and then the ride remained awkwardly silent until the car reached a seemingly abandoned factory building. Carlito was prompted roughly to follow some men into the building and he did so. The inside was dark and damp, only a few flashlights and lanterns to provide light. One of the men approached Carlito.
"So, you are the only one that got out, huh? Lucky guy. Give me the Cocaine."
Carlito did so, and the man handed Carlito a brown paper bag. Carlito looked inside and found everything he would need to fake his American citizenship. Carlito was extremely excited, but he wasn't sure what to do now. He turned back to the man who approached him.
"What do I do now?"
The man tilted his head slightly and glared at Carlito.
"Hell if I know."
Then all the men just up and left the building, leaving Carlito alone in the dark. Carlito exited the abandoned factory and looked at the bright full moon. It may seem like he had nothing, but Carlito knew better. Carlito finally had a chance.

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Slice of Life

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