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 -RP- Time Traveling Exchange Student

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PostSubject: -RP- Time Traveling Exchange Student   Thu Oct 10, 2013 11:07 am

"Dear [insert character here],

Congratulations!! You have been selected to partake in a new exchange program to travel back in time and go to school! With recent studies about the speed of light, scientists have figured out how to use an array of red-point lasers to send someone at any point in time.

But wait! Wouldn't we be altering the timeline? Wouldn't we start a chain of paradox's and destroy the universe?! That's a good question! The answer is: no. Simply put, the past is the past, and there is no such thing as a paradox. Technically speaking, there is actually no such thing as "time traveling," rather, you will be traveling to an alternate dimension that just happens to be in the past - so you'll be more like a "dimensional hopper" so to speak.

With that aside, you'll be traveling with a representative for your time, and a group of kids all around your age group and be going to the same high school - or equivalent - depending on what time period you go to. You will also be put in separate family houses (unless you have a sibling or cousin you don't mind sharing space with), but be sure to keep in touch with each other! This is more of a safety concern if anything. If problems do arise, contact your representative immediately.

You will also get any vaccinations for that time period before traveling, but remember, you can still get sick, so watch what you eat and what you do! You must also remember this: no matter what period and/or region you travel to, you MUST obey the laws and customs there. We as "time travelers" must set a good example for them and not try to cause any trouble. If you get in trouble for ignorance of their laws and/or customs, that's on you. If punishment for said ignorance does happen to be severe enough, your representative will try to resolve the issue, or, we will pull you back to your time, but for both cases you can and will lose all time traveling privileges indefinitely and you will still face punishment and/or charges for your misdemeanor depending on what was committed.

Expenses and fees do apply for using this program, totalling only $200 a person [Author's Note: Or equivalent based on your country or region], but once paid by the dead line, you'll be all set! Spending money is also on you, but keep in mind that inflation in the past was very low, so you may only need to bring so little money; what ever money you bring will be directly transferred to the appropriate time period's and/or region's currency, meaning, if you bring $20, you'll receive $20 in that time period's currency, and you'll basically get more bang for your buck. (Shopping spree anyone?) Most importantly, we are not responsible for any lost cash. If you need more money, talk to your representative to contact your own time period's parent or guardian, and have them send money. You can also have your money on an "account" so that you can take in or take out any cash you need while in the program.

With that, we hope you take this offer to come join this excellent program! You can pack as much as you need to, but luggage will be checked before traveling for anything that shouldn't be brought along - also depending on where and when you are traveling to - or if you have too much to bring, you'll be given as much time as necessary to decide what to bring and what will stay behind (Sorry ladies! You might want to pack lighter!).

The deadline for payment is [sometime in the near future]. Please have it ready by then.

Again, congratulations on your picking! Act now though, because spots are limited! We hope to see you very soon!"

*This is a slice-of-life role-play. There is no planned plot. It's just a way to "experience" a different time. If you are interested in playing, please post your character here using the template provided. You can simply self-insert yourself, or come up with someone, but since this is a realistic role-play, you are all human. Also, you don't have to tell us if you self-inserted yourself or not. You are allowed to lie and say you came up with this person. Another note, we will be deciding what time to travel to in a vote, so go ahead and place what time you'd want to travel to, or, preferably, see the opinions of others' and cast your vote for them.

Character name:
Ethnicity/Skin color:
Grade in school/year:
Physical description:
Style of clothing/hair/accessories etc.:
What time period do you want to travel to?:

If you're going to be traveling with a cousin or sibling, post a second character bio for that person. You can only role-play up to TWO time-traveling characters. Other characters in the game can be role-played by anyone if they feel confident enough. So there you have it. Have fun guys.


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PostSubject: Re: -RP- Time Traveling Exchange Student   Thu Oct 10, 2013 11:25 am

Character name: Mason
Ethnicity/Skin color: Caucasian
Grade in school/year:12 (Senior)
Physical description: Tall, Lanky, Slender. Stands 6'3"
Style of clothing/hair/accessories etc.: Generally baggy clothing, And always wears hats, of course not to baggy.
Personality: Cheerful, Gloomy, Pessimistic.
Hobbies: Reading, writing, poetry,
What time period do you want to travel to?: Napoleonic Era, If not than everyone else can decide on one.
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-RP- Time Traveling Exchange Student

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