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 M1N3CRAFT.EXE: The Finale of A Creepypasta Parody

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PostSubject: M1N3CRAFT.EXE: The Finale of A Creepypasta Parody   Wed Feb 19, 2014 11:03 am

For the five of you who might have read my last two stories you’ll be glad to know that I finished the parody series I was making. I wasn't a huge fan of the ending but I couldn't think of any other cliche I hadn't used/made fun of yet. Anyway here is the story.

“It’s been three long years hasn’t it?” I say to myself at the door to my new home. Ever since I played that game, that cursed Pokemon game, I’ve had nightmares, thought it didn’t start with that. No this goes back farther, back five years when I played that Ocarina of Time game. The game that old man gave me. The game that Lyle’s friend hacked and unleashed that… demon into my life. I never heard from Lyle again since then. I heard something on the news about him going missing but I haven’t heard of anything else since then. I bet your wondering why I moved. Is it like last time? Did my fear of… those things make me leave? No and no. It turns out that I couldn’t afford the rent even with my new job so I got kicked out. A friend of mine named Philip told me about this place and that the rent was in my price range and here we are, standing outside, looking at the front door like an idiot. Anyway I pull my house key out and go inside.

I’ve been living here for about a week now and decided to stop playing those console games (since I don’t really have a lot of time for them anymore) and buy a computer. I found this really cheap one at Bestbuy and bought it. I got addicted to it, much to the laughs of those demons, Zelda and Red. They won’t stop talking about me and laughing at me and they do terrible things. Like last night I bought the latest issue of The Walking Dead (a truly terrifying comic I don’t even know why I like it so much since it gives me nightmares) and they spoiled it for me! I had no choice but to throw out the comic, curl up into a ball and cry. Anyway I was online when my friend, Philip came online and started chatting with me. We were having a nice chat until he brought up that tomorrow was the anniversary of the day Lyle went missing.

“I wonder what happened to him” I typed into the chat for Philip to read. We talked about it for a while until he told me he was gonna leave to play this game called Minecraft. I asked him what it was and he told me it’s basically a game where you build things and fight monsters. He told me I should join in on it sometime and I told him I’ll look into the game tomorrow since it’s getting late. We log off the chat and I go make my dinner, eat it and go to sleep… or at least try to sleep, what with Red and Zelda laughing at me the whole time.

I wake up at around 7:00 AM and start my day. I go onto my computer and remember the chat I had with Philip yesterday. I told him I would look into getting a copy of Minecraft. I go onto the internet and search for that game. Naturally it takes me to the site where I can buy it but it was a bit on the pricey side. That was to bad, I really wanted to play it. Then an idea popped into my head. I could always pirate it. “No!” I shouted, quickly turning my head to the side and looking downward. “Piracy is a crime! It’s like what those commercials in the DVDs say! You wouldn’t download a car would you!?” “Yes!” I shout back, turning my head the other way still looking downward. “Yes I would! Think about how that would be to download a real car! No more lease! Then you wouldn’t have to walk anywhere anymore and the girls might look at you!” I cave into myself after I said that, I mean I am right, I WOULD like to not have a lease. So I look online for a site to pirate the game and find one.

The page looked weird though. The page was a bright orange and it kind of hurt my eyes to look at it. In the center of the page was something that said: “Click Here To Download M1N3CRAFT.EXE!”
I don’t remember my friend spelling it that way but he could have always misspelled it and after all this site does look legit, so I click on the link and begin downloading M1N3CRAFT.EXE. Another strange thing was that the file size was small, like a couple hundred Kbs, and it said it was going to take 15 hours to download. I thought that was a bit odd but I never downloaded anything before so it might be normal for it to take this long, right?

….That’s what I thought anyway. I had no idea how wrong I was back then.

After 15 hours had passed (I sat and waited there the whole time for it to download) it finally finished downloading! “Finally” I said aloud. I clicked on the EXE file and it told me it had to install. I clicked yes and in about 5 seconds the game installed M1N3CRAFT to my PC. Once that happened I heard them laughing at me. It wasn’t the normal laugh they do, no this one sounded… joyful. “Stop trying to scare me! It’s not going to work!” I said even though it was scaring me.

I clicked on the shortcut and the game started up showing me what I’m guessing is the developers name and going straight to the main menu. I clicked on “Play Game” and created my world called “Tim Land” (yeah I know it’s not very creative) and started playing. The game was great fun and a good time waster. I could build things and break things and craft things and the world just seemed like a happy place. The only problem is when it becomes night time. At night Zombies and other monster come out and start attacking so I always make sure to go to sleep whenever it becomes night. There’s also a final boss in the game called The Ender Dragon, but I never fought it since I had to kill those creepy Endermen in order to fight the dragon. I played this game for about a month loving everything about it…till it happened.

I went onto M1N3CRAFT and it told me that there was an update that I needed to install. I let it do it’s thing but the game crashed before it could finish. It crashed so hard that it made my PC blue screen on me. I had no choice but to turn it off and restart the PC. Once my PC booted up I started M1N3CRAFT again but this time it skipped showing the developer’s name and just went straight to the main menu. “Huh” I thought to myself. This was sure odd but I thought that I either hit something that skipped it or it was part of the update. When I went to play on my world I saw that it was gone and replaced with a new world. Even though I was mad about my world being gone my anger was soon replaced with confusion and fear when I saw the new worlds name. It was called “Lyle”.

“Lyle? Like my friend Lyle? Why would the world be named that?” I said to myself. This can’t just be a coincidence. Despite my every being telling me not to click it and all my memories from 5 years ago flooding back into my head I clicked on the world. Instead of it going to the loading screen it just instantly brought me there. I was spawned in some sort of hallway completely made up of Netherrack. The ceiling was so low that I couldn’t even jump. I had nothing in my inventory and the odd thing was that the hallway was lit up even though there was no torches or glowstone. I was a little freaked out by this and did the only thing I could do. I moved forward. The hallway was never ending and I kept moving forward for almost 5 minutes. When I reached the five minute mark though I heard a noise that sounded like movement. I gulped. Does that mean there’s something in here with me? After another minute of walking forward the noise got a little louder and the room got darker. I was getting scared at this point so I turned around to see if there was another way out but then I saw it. There was a wall of Obsidian behind me. Sweating I turned back and kept moving. Each minute was like the last, the noise would change and get louder and longer and the room would get darker. It was at this point that I paused the game to go use the bathroom. I really had to pee. Once I finished and came back and I resumed my walking. I got to the end of the hallway finally and there was nothing but Obsidian in front of me, behind me, above and under. I was trapped. Thinking that something might have changed in my inventory I went to check and that’s when I saw it. I gasped at what I saw. My character looked just like my friend Lyle. It had all of his features: His green eyes and black hair. And he was wearing the clothes from the last time I saw him. Lyle’s face looked scared and I hesitated to to go back to the game, but I did anyway. When I did the whole room got completely dark to where I could no longer see anything and I heard some talking that sounded just like Lyle though the audio quality was a little bad.

“hah… hah… A dead end, though maybe it’s better this way. At least I can finally stop running away. It’s all Tim’s fault anyway. If he-” Lyle said getting his sentence cut off at the end. After that happened I heard him scream and the screen flashed red. I started to cry since now I know what really happened to my best friend. He was killed by someone or something. Hunted down like an animal and slaughtered. He was…. murdered. It sounded like he blamed me for something but I’m not sure what. The screen stayed red for a good 2 minutes before the words “5 years earlier” popped up on screen.

I was spawned in a house that looked like Lyle’s. I mean everything in it looked just how I remembered it. I decided to try and leave the house but the game would always stop me from doing so saying that “I still have something I need to do first”.

“Huh” I say to no one in particular. What is it that I need to do in his house? I look around all over the place and find nothing until I go back into his bedroom. There was a chest right in front of where I spawned that I never noticed till now. I open it and find what looks like a stone block titled “The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time”. This is getting weird and scary. Am I reliving Lyle’s last few days? No it’s just a coincidence I thought to no one in particular. Now I’m able to leave the house. I was shocked to see that outside the house looked just like where I use to live. Right down to the very detail. From the buildings and people to the little pee stain on my front porch that I made just a few days before I got the game (the neighbors cat scared me). I walked down the road following a sign telling me where to go, which by the way I don’t remember being there when I lived there. It lead me to Caleb’s house. Caleb was one of Lyle’s friends who was really into hacking and modding video games.

I open the door and see Caleb inside. Once I get near him though I can no longer control Lyle. I pressed everything on the keyboard but nothing would happen meaning that this was a cutscene. Again it was another really distorted audio file and was kind of hard to hear. I’ll try my best to tell you what it was they were saying.

“Hey Caleb here’s the game you wanted” Said Lyle sounding tired since he had just woke up. “ah thanks man. I’ve been dying to get my hands on one of these for a while now” Replied Caleb after being handed the game. He sounded kind of like he couldn’t catch his breath. “No problem man. Just be sure to give it back to me once your done messing with it alright?” Said Lyle who sounded like he was on the verge of yawning. “Sure thing”. After that the cutscene ended and I was back in control of Lyle. I leave Caleb’s house and I see… me!? What am I doing here!? Every time I try to interact with me I get a text box saying “I don’t want to deal with him today”. In fact it says that whenever I try to interact with anyone so I go back inside Lyle’s house and go to sleep since it was becoming night.

Another red screen popped up saying “One Week Later” and I was spawned at what looked like Caleb’s front door. I’m about to go inside when I’m stopped by me (not the real me the game me and by game me I mean the game version of me Tim not Lyle). I wasn’t able to move so that meant it was another cutscene. Again the audio quality is pretty bad so I’ll try to write down exactly what they’re saying.

“Hey, Lyle I haven’t seen you in a while” said Tim in- Wait! I sound nothing like that! He sounds all nasally and whiny and like he’d have a heart attack at the slightest thing! I am offended by this “representation” of me! Right down to the wet stain on the front of my pants! I spilled water on my crotch! It’s not pee! I swear it’s not! Anyway back to the cutscene.

“Hey Tim. I know we haven’t hung out in a long time but I’m really busy today. Sorry maybe we can hang out some other time?” Said Lyle. “Oh… Okay then. I guess I’ll see you later.” Tim said sounding on the verge of tears (I wasn’t on the verge of tears I swear!).

After Tim leaves I regain control of Lyle. “This game is mean” I said to myself. This game is weird, how does it know all this? Did someone I know make this game? This is getting odd….

I make Lyle enter the house (trying to go back would make Lyle stop and say something like not yet I need to see Caleb) and the room is dark. I started to hear a static noise in the background and I started to get scared. A text box popped up saying “Lyle: Caleb you here?” This was odd since the game was using audio up until now. I started to control Lyle but it was really hard to see anything. The static kept getting louder and louder and I kept getting scared as it was getting louder. I finally find a door I can interact with and I open it. Inside the room was dark save for the light of the computer screen in the room. I couldn’t see Caleb anywhere in the room and I could feel my bowels acting up again. I slow walked up to the PC and found out that the static was coming from the TV. I saw Caleb standing there right in front of the TV. “Caleb?” I said at the computer screen expecting him to hear me. I walked up to him and I heard Lyle say “Caleb?” to him. No reply. I decided to go around him to check to see if he was all right. I wish I hadn’t done that…..

Caleb had gouged out his eyes and blood was pouring out of his eye sockets. I started to vomit at the sight. I turned away to see that there was something written in red letters on the TV screen. Looking closer it turned out to be….. blood. The letters spelled out something that still haunts me to this day. The read:


Lyle picked up the Zelda game cartridge and left Caleb’s house after that. Outside of Caleb’s house was different as well. I noticed the sky was getting darker even though the sun was in the sky. All I could do was go back to Lyle’s house so I did. Once I made it to his room another cutscene happened.

“Hmm… What was in this game that would cause Caleb to gouge his eyes out?” Lyle said looking at his TV. Lyle took the game out and was about to put it in his Nintendo 64 when he stopped and said “No I can’t. Every ounce of my being is telling me not to play this game but…” Lyle sighs and finally puts the game into his Nintendo 64 and the screen goes black for about 43 seconds. After the time had past the words “2 days later” popped up on screen and I heard what sounded like Lyle scream.

When the game faded back in Lyle had just turned his TV and Nintendo 64 off and pulled out the game. I was in control again and went outside of Lyle’s house. Outside was now pitch black and it sounded like it was raining. I went into my inventory and saw that I had 64 torches. I assigned them to the 1 key on my keyboard and moved forward. Kept hearing what sounded like foot steps and the sound of Lyle breathing heavily. I would place a torch every few steps so that way I could see ahead. The noises keep getting louder and they were really starting to scare me. After about 10 minutes of running and placing torches I saw…. it. I saw that image of Zelda pop up on screen and it made me scream. I started to feel my bowels loosen at the sight and the game screen went black.

It stayed black for a while (I didn’t have my stop watch handy at the time so I wasn’t able to time how long) and I heard another scream. The screen kept flashing red and black and I kept hearing that same scream over and over again. I got really scared at this point and was no longer able to contain the contents of my bowels. This lasted for about 5 seconds and the words “The Next Day” popped up on screen.

Lyle was inside the game store where I was given the Zelda game. He sold it to that old man and he gave him a Pokemon game. Lyle left to store after that and I was back inside his room. Lyle was packing up a few of his belongings and he left the house. The screen faded to black again and this time I saw Lyle sitting in an alley way talking to a… doll. It was that Zelda doll to be exact. There was no audio. Instead it was a bunch of what sounded like static and crying. I was getting nervous again… This lasted for a few minutes until I heard the sound of someone’s voice say “Tim played the game.” Followed by the audio cutting out and the screen going black. When the game cut back in it was to a grainy looking photo of a body in an alley way and I screamed when I noticed who it was. It was Lyle. His body was cut open and his eyes gouged out with blood pouring out of the sockets. His mouth was agape and jaw looked to be broken and he was missing his fingers.

I was sobbing at this point. I had finally found out the truth of what happened to Lyle. He was my best friend after all. My sorrow turned into fear though when I read the text at the bottom of the picture. The text read:


My computer blue screened after that. After sitting there for about 20 minutes in shock I got up to clean my keyboard and change my pants. I took a nice long shower and when I was done I noticed something…

Zelda and Red were gone.

I freaked out after seeing that. I tore my house apart looking for those two but I found nothing. I started to get scared and feared for my life. I didn’t want to end up like Lyle!. After about 5 minutes of sobbing I heard a knock at the door. My heart started to race when I heard that knock. Should I answer the door? There was a knock again. Then again and the knocks kept getting faster and longer and harder until I answered the door and… there was no one there. I looked around and saw that no one was there. I closed the door and when I turned around I saw it.

In my house stood… Lyle exactly how he looked in that photo with the Zelda plush and Red figure right next to him. I was paralyzed with fear at the sight. I wanted to run but I couldn’t. All I could do was cry. Lyle pushed me hard onto the ground and Zelda and Red held me down. Lyle sat on my chest and looked down at my face and he pulled up a knife and a hammer. “Any final words Tim?” He said to me in a raspy voice.

I just looked at him, tears running down my face and he brought the knife closer to one of my eyes. I knew this was the end for me but I spoke up anyway. “Lyle I’m sorry. I’m so so sorry. I didn’t know about the game okay? I swear but I know that no matter what I say you’re still gonna kill me anyway right?” Lyle didn’t answer with words. The last thing I felt was the knife plunging into my right eye.

May 17th, 2013

My boss had told me to check in on a the house of a person who was reported as missing a week ago. When I arrived at the house though I was treated to a truly ghastly sight. The body in the house belonged to a mister Tim Cardigan. The body had appeared to be dead for a few days when I got there. The body had it’s eyes gouged out and limbs cut off with each limb nailed to the wall of the house. No finger prints were found on the body either. When investigators arrived on the scene they found the picture of the missing corpse of one Lyle Farbrook on his computer. We believe that Tim was responsible in Lyle’s death though the investigation still continues.

May 19th, 2013

I decided to go back into Tim’s house after the moved out the body to investigate further. I looked around the boys room and noticed that he had a vast game collection. I noticed a certain game cartridge though that my oldest son was looking for among them. A game called “The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time.” Thinking this was a great find I put it in my pocket for my son. As I was leaving the house though I could swear I heard a laugh.
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M1N3CRAFT.EXE: The Finale of A Creepypasta Parody

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