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 -RP- United We Stand, Divided We Fall (reboot)

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Miss Elegent Serenity
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Ribbon Lover (Admin)

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Miss Elegent Serenity>
PostSubject: -RP- United We Stand, Divided We Fall (reboot)   Thu Mar 28, 2013 7:43 am

Creator: AntiHacker

United We Stand, Divided We Fall [Reboot]  
This world has always been a mysterious place. Legends and myths, they were all thought to have been fake, however, each of them contained a kernel of truth. Behind the scenes of history, there have been numerous conflicts since the early years of humanities rise, for humanity needed guides, but more importantly, protectors. What they received were the knights, a group of beings with the blood of the celestials, who’ve silently protected them for generations. From what one may ask. Well, those dark creatures that one hears, who go ‘bump’ in the night of course, and from themselves. But enough of history, time for the present. The current time is within the year 2280. A massive global catastrophe nearly destroyed the planet two hundred years before. It was at this time that the knights revealed themselves to humanity, for without their guidance, the humans, who had been crippled technology and military wise, needed their help desperately. With the aid of their protectors, the world became a cleaner, more efficient place, but at the cost of humanities ability to use their own judgment in global matters, for they nearly destroyed the planet once, the knights wouldn’t give them a chance to do it again.


One may enter this world as a knight.  With the blood of the celestials, they wield much of the strength of their past relatives, though it is more accurate to say that they are the children of Nephilim, those whom are the true children of Angels in the mortal plain.  The older the knight, the more dangerous, though the newer generation has been known to birth many of legendary prowess.  The strength in being a knight is the adaptability they carry, and the variation in power, the weakness they have, is the realm of Earth is where they are strongest, while physically in the Heavens, or within the Inferno, they are merely as mortals are to them while in their own realm.  Knights usually specialize in one to two different main abilities, though some have been known to use more.  The problem with doing so, is it diminishes the overall strength of all abilities, while widening their arsenal.  Knights, upon maturing, are also gifted with semi powerful regeneration, and age control, which allows them to shift their ages to whatever pleases them.  There are many Knights of great power whom reside in power, a circle of beings known as the Council, however, the Council cannot directly intervene in major conflicts, unless the conflict threatens their own residential locations, or, worldwide destruction.(Positions are open on the Council at the moment though).  There are numerous academy's in which younger Knights reside, the most prestigious led by Marcus Andro.

Next, along the lines of races, there are the reapers, half blood or full blood, they are have the base signs and abilities encoded into them.  Some are born like them, others are infected with a virus that shifts their entirety into one.  Reapers, under no circumstances, can withstand direct sunlight hitting their skin, lest it boil off.  During the day, while outdoors, they are often as weak as the mortals who's souls they are bound to collect upon death, however, while it is night, their power doubles in potency.  Already bound to darkness from birth, those with the blood of the reaper are born with an inherent link to the shadows, granting them a large advantage over other races when it comes to using the shadows. However, they have little affinity for the other elements, such as fire, light, water, and even electricity.   Their blood is also heavily toxic to vampires, who are their racial arc nemesis, due to stronger vampires often destroying the souls of their victims.  Every being of Reaper blood must answer to the Grimm Reaper when the call is sent out, but otherwise, they are each allowed to live as they wish, as long as they respect the rule of Balance set forth by the first of their kind, whom only defied his own rule once in order to free his kind from Lucifer.  Mount Chaos is often where the majority of Reapers reside.  

Hellhounds, they sound like something from a fairy tale, but they are far from it.  These monstrosities are bipedal  humanoids of death, brought about by the original beasts whom have bred with humans, knights and other such humanoids in the realm of Earth.  Normally, they  are stuck in a transformation in which they become a massive, muscle bound, bullet proof beast of heat and brutality, blanketed in flame, eyes filled with rage.  At times, there have been many who escaped this transformation, only to later use it for their own means, or as a last resort.  While in mortal form, they are capable of extreme feats of strength, and/or partially transforming portions of their bodies, such as their internal organs, a limb, or even the skin on their chests and backs in order to reduce damage.  Flame mastery also comes naturally, though depending on their heritage, they may also have an extra set of abilities to back up what they are already good with.  Their beast form is hard to control, and though it grants for more power, it also takes a toll on their mental stability and control.  Most reside in Valveria, a country plagued by a pack of hellhounds, a country outside of aid from all others who depend on technology.

Blood suckers, fanged marauders, call them what you will, but vampires are not as simple as they have been made to seem.  Sunlight only hinders them, though it will never kill them.  Born or made through infection, vampires are a forced to be reckoned with.  Holding close ties to the night, and more importantly, to darkness, they hold no weaknesses to the side of effect of using the shadows, however, they are weak to fire techniques, as well as holy ones, though not on a level of being incapable of entering churches and whatnot. They also possess physical speed and strength far above that of the average knight.  True vampires are demon born, and as such, are far stronger than the normal breed, and though they are immune to much of the harm fire brings, their weakness to holy energies are magnified.   Their power grows while residing in the realm of hell.

Dragon-kin, born of the mysterious unions of dragons and other humanoids in ages past, when the beasts could still change into their mortal disguises, they are resistant to flame and other elemental abilities, while also possessing superior physical strength.  
On a whim, they can spit forth a plume of whatever element their parent dragon was of.  If they were a child of a dragon mastering in lightning, a storm could be shot from their very mouths, or if the child of a volcanic beast, they will simply burn some poor SOB to death with their breath.  They also possess hidden wings, which hide within their body, tucked up next to their spin to protect it from sword strikes.  Some are born with normal skin, while others have patches of scales throughout their body.

With ice water in their veins, and an exotic feel about them, the Zangerians inhabit the coldest reaches of this earth.  Their skin varies in color, from purple, to blue, to albino white, the fury filled red, to even pitch black.  The males are often born with four arms, which make them extremely dangerous against multiple opponents, however, their two armed counterparts, a rarity amongst Zangerians,  are just as strong, if not stronger. The females are born with only two arms, however, that doesn't stop them from toppling the males in a friendly brawl. Resistant to all forms of cold due to a specific gland in their spines, they are also born with the gift of regeneration, however, their abilities are often hindered by flame, and some are downright frightened of it.   They often specialize in exotic weaponry, from kunai, to chains and scimitars, however, Zangerians will often settle with tearing you apart with their bare hands if you threaten their kin.  A close knitted bunch, murder of their kin is often a death sentence for the murderer.

Elementalists, born from the Elementals, beings said to rival the very arch angels in power, they are hybrids, their blood mixed with one form of humanoid or another.  Rarely will you see one of their kind carrying around a weapon, not when their entire body is a weapon.  They can summon the energies of their particular element, or elements, depending on their heritage in order to block, attack, or straight out destroy someone, or something.  They are just about immortal, and nothing, short of chopping their heads of, or severing their spine, will kill them.  However, upon using too much of their power, they usually end up being  pulled into a comatose-like state for at least an hour, and that's if they are truly powerful.  Their kind is immortal, so age has no hold over them.  

The Undead, those still walking around due to the power of the arcane, they are nearly indestructible,  depending on their strength. They feel no pain, though they have little sense of damage.  The ails which mortals suffer from do nothing to hinder these beings of decay and death, and often provoke laughter instead.  They do not hunger, they do not need sleep, and they never tire, however, completely destroying their corpse is enough to force them into submission for a time.  The more their body is destroyed, the less of a hold their soul has on the body.  Arcane techniques that would normally destroy a mortal from using, are child's play to these maggot farms.
Celestial kin, those born of the blood of the angels, often having 50% to 25% percent of the blood of the Celestial they are descended from.  They are resistant, if not immune to holy energies, though demonic techniques and weapons often leave them exposed and weakened while in the regions of Hell, or in the mortal plain of existence, however, not to the extent that a full blooded celestial would feel the sting of such things.  Each of the Celestial kin possess wings of varying types, most of which relate to the celestial who led to their creation.  Their skin has an unnatural glow to it, while their eyes also hold a slight hue of power to them as well.  Often, their weapons are stored within another plane of existence, and can be called upon for them to wield at any time.

Demon kin, those of demonic origins, their physical traits very, their powers vary, but their key weaknesses and strengths do not.  Locations and artifacts with a strong connection to the hells call forth great spurts of power for these beings, however, locations of strong holy energies can make them sick to their stomach in mere moments.  Holy flame is just about the most brutal form of torture a mortal can afflict upon them while in the realm of earth.    The most physically powerful of their kind, are those descended from weapon masters, demons who could transform portions of their bodies, if not their entire body, into weapons, while also possessing techniques that fused portions of their limbs temporarily with that of whatever device they choose to brutally murder their opponent with.  

Espers, magically superior to nearly every other being in existence, their very power is the key to their destructions as well.  Due to their strength in the fields of magical energies, they require rather large amounts of replenishment, or else they will simply vanish into nothingness.  That is the unfortunate truth to this life. This is why many of them bind their life forces to powerful knights, ones whom have replenish able energy to spare at all times, as long as they live.  Though they can take a mortal shape, Espers prefer to stay within their unworldly ones, due to their strength being magnified in that form, however, they use far less magical power while in the mortal disguise.  They can replenish their power through long spurts of rest, keeping artifacts of great power near them at all times to drain continual power from, or simply absorbing the life force of a foe, though this is a darker technique which is shunned by the masses of Espers.

Demons, what's more to say, they were born in hell, descended from the original fallen, they are the very physical form of sin and chaos.  This does not however, make them all inherently bad, most just choose to go down this road, due to their bindings to hell, at the moment, a majority of all full blooded demons are bound to hell, except for the few that escaped due to the circumstances of the Knight, Lone, and his restoration of the planet years ago.  The hells are their playground, while the Heavens are death to them.

Celestials, the first creations of the Almighty, or so they say at least, they  stand for order, however, this does not make all of them inherently good.  Each is taught to master the blade before they're fifteen,  and taught the art of aerial combat before sixteen.  They maintain the laws of the lead Arch Angel, Michael, and his word is now law, ever since the Almighty, and his son vanished from known existence, at least, that is the word which all within the heavens have known up till now.  hybrids are often looked down upon by them.  The Strongest of the males are Arch Angels, and the strongest of the females, Seraphim.  All are worthy of being just as feared as any demon.  Heaven is their kingdom, hell is where they are forbidden to tread.  

Hybrids among these races must have mixed racial strengths and weaknesses.
Ex. Vampire/Reaper mixes will most likely be highly weak within direct sunlight.
Knight/Elementalist will most likely be more attuned to their power, however, their regen factor will not be as powerful as that of a full blood of either race.

Laws of Shadow:  
The Shadows have existed longer than light, for everything came from the darkness, as everything will one day end in it.  Celestials that are not born as dark angels, cannot wield the shadows, for their bodies are incapable of becoming vessels for it.  However, Ezekiel, the angel of death, was the first of the Dark Angels to wield them, rather than to simply be a vessel for them.  The longer the shadows are used by an individual, the more damage that is done to them.  The wielder's body becomes as cold as ice, and as this occurs, their organs begin to slowly lose function, temporarily of course.   Mortals who wield the shadows for over a minute without pause will go into either cardiac arrest, or enter hypothermia, so the danger is quite evident.    For every one minute of shadow usage, three are required for recovery time, otherwise, permanent damage, even to a regenerator, may be had.  

There exist four of these beings on this Earth, each of which holds onto a great power, each balancing out the others.  The only known two at the moment are Dageroth, and Omega, and that is due to their active intervention in this world.  Many Knights have fallen to the vessel of Dageroth, the vessel of betrayal, and Omega, that being was the one responsible for restoring the Earth. There are rumors of two others, but no one knows where either of them are in this world, and no one will ever know, if we're all lucky.

Genesis- The abilities of this entity stem from the complete, and utter loss of life. His very energies strip away all life from whatever they touch outside of their host. Cells break down, until they are non functioning, and incapable of booting up regeneration ever again, and upon further application, these energies do what was thought to be impossible, they can destroy matter, fully, and utterly. The entity itself enjoys applying its energies within shadows, for a direct application of its energies, that would be fatal to most with a mile of him. He is not strong against natural healing magics, and against that of nature magic as well. Omega is his ultimate bane.

Oblivion- The master being of destruction, created to annihilate, and wipe away civilizations. He feeds off pain, especially that of his host, though he lacks thought of actions in the long run. However, a lack of foresight, does not rob Oblivion of all logic, as he is a master of combat with firearms. The seeds of power he releases often involve being able to strip someone of all of one type of material, Zigera's being metal itself, and shift it between its different forms, the most basic being gas, liquid, and solid. Oblivion himself, at full strength, can tear apart the very fabric of reality, and those near him as well. He does not do well with sneaky tactics, and Dageroth, that is where he comes in, the bane of the destroyer.

Dageroth- The entity from behind the scenes, a manipulator, the only being capable of always tracking the location of an entity, from the day it is born into someone, to the day he often kills them. He has a unique ability, in that he can craft arrows built to mortalize, and even trap immortal beings in a cycle of death and rebirth as a powerless human. He has never shown the full extent to of this power, though it is suggested that, given enough time, he could build devices that would project fields of power nullifying effects everywhere. He is a master of shadow, having mastered the several forms with ease. His bane is that of trap masters, and those that can absorb him, Genesis being the key to his destruction.

Omega- An entity whom still rests, she has been held within few over the years. None of her masters ever lived happy lives, and their deaths were almost always agonizing. She only awakens in times of crisis, and her power, is often used as a last resort to keep the planet alive, and kicking strong. However, in the process, her wielders is either destroyed, or their memories are erased, both cases often end in their death. Her wielder is gifted with powerful healing techniques, greater than that of even celestials, her barriers, strong enough to repel a direct attack from Lucifer and Michael together, and as a last resort, her wielder can release a destructive pulse of her power, one that robs all within the area of the energy to fight, and grants it to their wielder, however, this can only be used as a last resort, and only once per year. She is brought down to her knees by mindless, agonizing destruction, and that is often at the hands of Oblivion, her bane.

Locations of Importance:

The Northern Academy- An Academy for Knights, ran by Marcus Andro, a master in the art of defense, and a member of the Council, though he is often not called upon for important matters anymore.

Colera- The metropolitan city of this time, its size comparable to that of an entire country.  All energy in this city is ran through planet safe sources, a requirement of the knights whom built the city.  

Salamencia-The City of entertainment, just east of Velcana, this city is built to never sleep.

Velcana- The land of Volcanoes, it is rumored that Dageroth's vessel resides here.

Mount Chaos- Home of the Grimm Reaper, no one knows why he chose this mountain as his home, only that he chose it, and that all reapers must follow his will. A gate sits atop this mountain with him, a gate in which all stay souls that his reaper come across are sent to, where Grimm sends them to their respective spirit homes.

The Coliseum-A realm of battle and refuge, bloodshed and brutal combat are as a part of this place, as peace and silence are for a monastery.  One must hold within their possession, either a warp artifact, or a device capable of the same function in order to arrive here.  If either opponent with the Coliseum chooses, any battle can become a fatal one, with no reprecussion to be had for the one whom struck the killing blow.

Zangeria-An Ice continent in the deep, deep southern portion of the planet, its borders and inner lands are guarded by dozens of mile long serpents, each armored to be nearly invincible, each having lived for an eternity.

Valveria-Hellhound country, a place where most technology is obselete, due to an EMP field that envelops the sky, and a mountain range all around this land that keeps them cut off from the rest of the world.  The people and their livestock are constant prey for the horde of hellhounds.

Silver Plains-Home to the Mystics, a land of silver grass and piece.

Forest of Blades-A forest of metal trees, each filled on all sides with blades, some with the handles stuck in the trees, some with the blades sticking out. It is said an unknown magic guards this land, and each guest of this place is only allowed to take but one blade, Repeating the action results in violator becoming a victim of this place, for it lives, and nothing can change that.  

Character Creation:
(No God moding, and every power must have at least one weakness)


Off limits characters at this time: Full blooded celestials, full blooded demons, full blooded Elementals.
Off limit characters: Lucifer, Arch Angels(unless discussed with me when they are allowed)

Have Fun-

~welcome to TBRP im your admin Miss Elegent Serenity (Ella Serenity for short) if you have any questions feel free to ask me. Feel free to jump in  any of the threads at any time or message me for thread info ~
the ultimate beauty - is her heart, a pure crystal diamond that holds no sin, but has known it. A heart that only gives to others, and yet, in doing so, takes the hearts of others by becoming their idol.A perfect form. A perfect heart.Bound together in perfection, with elegant serenity.  ~mateuss

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Miss Elegent Serenity>
PostSubject: Re: -RP- United We Stand, Divided We Fall (reboot)   Thu Mar 28, 2013 7:45 am

Character Info Page-
(Will update Periodically)


Name: Grey Mystic
Race: Knight, Full Blooded
Age: 17
Powers: Main abilities are currently sealed, though he practices the art of shadow at times, though he's used gene splicing from numerous races to make up for this weakness. Genesis, anti material energies, rather than being made up of energy, these attacks consume everything, because they are made up of the ultimate negative powers of this world, the true nothingness.
Weaknesses: Prolonged use of shadow causes organ failure, no natural regen at the moment, mental instability in times of extreme stress.
Weapon+Style: Is proficient with most weapons, prefers ranged weaponry though, and more importantly, ranged combat. Wields Midnight, a heavy, two foot long gunblade, made from an unknown metal type, it can withstand anything.
Details: Is tall for even his age, stands just about six foot nine, wears a long, silver coat, has a slender body for a man, built for flexible combat though. His skin has little life to it at this time, and his silver eyes are filled with constant sorrow, even if he himself doesn't show it. He keeps his hair long, and keeps it loose at most times.
Backstory(Optional): Eldest child of the Mystics, Grey has lived at Marcus' academy nearly all his life to be kept safe, and to be trained alongside fellow knights. Due to the rash decision of the leader of the Knight's Council, Grey's power was sealed at birth, and so he must fight harder, and hone his skills far more sharply than those whom were fortunate enough to be born as a normal knight. He's struggled constantly in the past due to his use of the shadows, a form of power that can be utilized by nearly everyone, though in his case, it takes a very, very heavy toll on him when used for too long. Usually, he doesn't maintain it for more than five seconds at a time. The one who had helped hold back this darkness that now consumes him, she died recently, leaving him alone to fight his own internal battles. Despite having no powers, his skills alone are capable of turning the tide of nearly any fight. Constant study, and nearly infallible preparation gives him the edge he needs to keep up with all those around him. He spends most of his time these days either studying within the darkness of the Great Hall of legendry knights, or he goes to the Coliseum to watch the fights. Either way, he's falling deeper and deeper into darkness every day.

Name: Zigera
Race: Knight, Full Blooded
Age: 17
Powers: Metal control, the more pain she's in, them more metal she can control, extreme regeneration, Oblivion
Weaknesses: Extreme temper, lacks control of Oblivion's energies, weak will, low sanity, cannot sleep.
Weapon+Style: Guntaku, hand to hand, Claws of Hell
Details: Tall for a girl, she stands at 6 foot six, and must often endure ridicule from the other young men and women at the Monastery. Her hair is as white as snow, and her eyes as black as night, with glowing, yellow pupils. Hellspawn, that's her nickname, or at least, that's what the lead priest calls her. She stopped caring long ago. She never takes her clothes off in front of others, not out of shyness, nor out of shame, but rather, due to the dozens, and dozens of severe, deeps scars riddling her back, from her constant beatings over the years. The girl hides the pain behind her eyes of rage, but the pain will always be there.
Backstory: A girl with but a name, taken away from her mother at birth, to be raised in a torturous Monastery. Every day, her pain grows, and she's at a breaking point. She hears a voice at night, an angry voice, telling her to strike back when struck. She doesn't know whether to obey or not, but she can't sleep, and if she can't sleep, she can't help but contemplate all night on what to do about the pain and suffering she's enduring.  One problem, the seal has broken, and Oblivion is now loose.

Name: Spectre
Race: Shadow Elementalist/Knight
Age: Unknown, looks 32
Powers: Extreme shadow command, master of the seven forms of shadow, arcane archery
Weaknesses: Holy flame, celestial weaponry, in complete sunlight, can only use physical objects for combat
Weapon+Style: Knight slayer Longbow, Twin Scimitars
Details: Stands at about  6'7", often hides his face under a hood.  His eyes are colored a dim, water black, his head completely bald, his body, covered in glyphs that have been carved into his skin.  A very limber man, Spectre is built to run and gun.1
Backstory(Optional): He awaits the corruption of the immortal races of this planet, as he does with the mortal ones as well.  He's death from afar, fear from up close, and when you think it can't get any worse, he is merely the shell of what evil lies within, and what lies within, has often terrified even the strongest of men and women.  

Miss Elegent Serenity (still  editing my characters)

name: chastity
race:half blood/half archangel
powers: ability to use fire in any way
weapons:bow and arrow
details:amber eyes, blonde, she can create fire with her hands and body, low altitudes and moist climates make it hard for her to use her ability, if she gets wet she cant use her ability, when she gets angry RUN  
backstory: she is the daughter of inferno, who is one of the most powerful archangels, her mother is human. She is was to marry another archangel, but  due to their actions towards her and their agressiveness, she decided against her father and fell in love with the incubus, Mawthrough. Her father was not too happy with her being with maw, therefore has vowed to break them apart. little does he know the two of them have already gotten married........


Name: lilith
Race: shadow demon
Age:unknown looks to be 20
Powers:  she is basically a shadow herself aside when she takes on her human form, unable to be detected, can manipulate shadows to become anything she wants them to be, uses shadows to escape, she is very hard hard to capture, serious when she is on a job but LOVES to wrek havoc, can be in two places at once. she has a weakness but even with that weakness she is a very good escape artist, there is only one real way to capture her
Weapon/Style: staff she uses to control the shadows
Details: red eyes, can change her appearance
Backstory: she has always worked doing bidding for others, but only works for those that pay a good price, does not work for good, gets the job done

her actual appearance in human form


name: rein
age: older then lilith but also looks to be 20
Race: shadow demon
Age:unknown looks to be 20
Powers: able to use blood to create anything, if someone gets a cut she can use that to her advantage by somewhat controlling them
Weapon/Style: scyth
weaknesses: certain spots on her body
Details: red eyes, red hair, innocent looking, loves the color red
Backstory: she is the older sister of lilith, she likes to cause mayhem, when her and lilith get together they are very hard to defeat

Name: Elsa Wrathchild 'The Skull Queen'
Race: Human
Age: 23
Powers: Necromancy (specifically the conjuring of skeletons, ever in their entirety, or in limbs)
Weaknesses: Not a physical fighter, meaning that in a close-quarters fight, she is extremely likely to lose.
Weapon+Style: The Skull of Vareesh (acts as an Isthmus Anchor between one world and the Land of the Dead)
She is a stoic woman (though also rather vain), not prone to outbursts of anger or violence. However, she has a sadistic side, on that usually materialises in battle, or against those that have invoked her ire.
Backstory(Optional): Elsa is girl who's past is shrouded in mystery, even to herself. Her mind holds facts a girl her age should not possibly know, she has mastered power far beyond her limit, and she possesses knowledge of times gone past even the finest historians have lost to time. Yet, she does not know why or how she came to possess such gifts, and part of her, a voice in her subconscious, hopes she never learns the truth.


Name: Rei Spirit-blade
Race: Celestial/Demon Kin
Age: 22
Spirit - Has the power of bestial and inner spirits.
Spirit Walk - Can move at unmatchable speed over short distances
Shadowless - Has no shadow
Lack of endurance - Cannot take many hits
Blade Master - A master of swords, daggers and knives
Unarmed Master - A master of unarmed combat
Rei has short white hair which curls around her face. She has pale skin and a light frame. Her personality comes across as calm but cold however it is said she does have some inner warmth. Rei wears light armour which allows for maximum movement. Although carrying no visible weapons she is extremely well armed.
The child of a celestial and fallen angel, Rei was taught the might of hell and the power of heaven. Her parents were of the few that believed celestial and demon kind could get along and instilled that belief within their child. Rei is determined to make that ideal a reality and now wonders in search of the method in which she will make her dream a reality.


Name: Mawthrough
Race: Half-Incubus, Half-human
Age: Early forties - still resembles very young handsome male adult, though
Powers: Enhanced physical abilities, and energy manipulation
Weapon/Style: His arm has the demonic ability to morph into a jagged blade known as Lightsmiter. Stylish and flashy, a ladykiller 24/7.
Details: Son of a queen of hell and a human scholar who found out about demons, Mawthrough was raised by his parents in hell after his father was found out and ostracized by his kin. As a result of this, his hatred for human life is almost all consuming - however it is very poignantly counterbalanced by the love he feels for his soulmate, Chastity, who just so happens to be half-celestial and half-human - and the only reason his parents have pretty much forbidden him for even seeing her. The only thing he will admit to loving more than her, is killing things that would dare even look at her twice. And the only thing he fears anywhere near as much as losing her is the reaction his parents will have when they find out they got MARRIED (ulp)...

Name : Darkion (Matthias in life)
Race: Undead
Age: Died on his 19th birthday/Has been dead for only a few years, ten at most
Powers: Nigh-on indestructibility, sometimes a feral rage brings on an increase in strength due to him being able to use the full potential of the human muscular structure as he is dead. Only known carrier, due to a freak incident with his undue resurrection, of the ancient and fiercely powerful curse known as the World Eater - the ability to transmute life into subservient undeath with only a bite, then spread the effect like a plague. Left unchecked and uncombated, it would spread across the planet and kill every living thing under his orders, before resurrecting them as mindless zombies. However, with the presence of all the fiercely magical beings and the knights, such an attempt would prove futile and would earn him a swift demise - not that he wanted to, of course; he's just your everyday undead trying to make his way in the world. With an ancient potential world destroying curse, but hey, no-one's perfect...


Name: Elerai Casyll
NickName: Sanctimonious
Age:Limitless, He cannot die.
Powers: While he was alive he practiced the arts of Holy magic, Shadow Magic, and Elemental magic. Incredible endurance, Good Swordsman, Has a lot of strength but can't be used until he is complete. When he is complete he will have the power to decay a weak person by simply touching it, Absorbs power on Holy Lands, Can only be killed in a certain pattern.
Weaknesses: Is deathly afraid of water, so large bodies of water can be hard for him to be near. can make boat travel very hard for him. Weak to water as in if he is splashed in some way or submerged he will be in complete shock, and barely be able to move. Incomplete when starting. He is missing a few items his soul is attached too. Partially rotted in certain areas of the body.
Weapon+Style: when complete he carries a Triple Bladed Scythe

Stances Similar to Zaszlamel from Soul Calibur.
When Incomplete he carries

Sword on left.
Details:Looks Like

Backstory(Optional): Around the age of 26, He joined the marines, the year was 2180, He wanted to serve his time, though he was a special operative, and ultimately stealthy. He was one day caputred on the battlefield, at the time It was in the second Korean war. there was no honor for a prisoner. they broke his legs, and dragged him across a gravel road to the leader at the time. he was confined in a small cage, infested with rats, as they were trying to figure out what to do with him. He waited, almost to the brink of insanity he had conjured an imaginary friend in his mind, he became quite fond of him, and talked to him daily. until finally. The advesaries came to collect him. They put a bag around his head. and dragged him across wooden floors, and gravel roads again. until finally he seemed to reach a never ending wooden floor. It was actually a small dock, filled with cages of prisoners of war. They needed to rid of someone. and who better than the one who could exterminate 10 of them without anyone knowing he was there. They ripped the bag off of his head, and he noticed it was a dock, they went to the lower area of it, only getting their boots wet. they shoved his head into the water. the soldiers were restraining him so he couldn't break out, and once that was done, they started to viciously beat him. All the while one was holding his head in the water. finally drowning and internal bleeding had killed him, they let his body float up the river.

Upon the river banks was a small cave, and a group of well. Necromancers and shaman, or so some would say. no one would expect to see that in this day and age. they found the lifeless body and decided to finally experiment on bringing someone back to life. except it was altered so the necromancer wouldn't have to be alive any longer. instead his they would attach it to his items, and hide them around the world, before actually bringing him back to life. It was about a week where they placed everything aound. the only thing they left with him was his armor, that was still attached to his soul. finally an incantion was shouted and there reanimated, spitting water out of his lungs, and barely breathing was Elerai. They nursed him back to health. little did anyone know he knew some magic. He just started reading more into arcane arts, and well. Dark and holy magics in his time there. eventually he would ask where his equipment was, but to no avail. They witheld the information, finally. he made his decision. He slaughtered everyone of them one by one in the cave. with this new power he swore to do good in this life, and not follow orders that seemed unjust. he would live properly and fight for the right reasons.

Name:Cecil Sykes (antagonist)
Race:Knight, Elementalist, Undead.
Age:Limitless appears to be early 20's
Powers: Can manipulate body composition, can control enemies body composition. (Body is 80% Water) has the ability not only to use water as magic but to bend it to his will, no matter how little or how much. Exceptionally skilled in the use of swords, and a professional marksman. Charismatic. Specific way to kill him.
Weaknesses:Helpless romantic, Can value other peoples life given they know understand what has happened to him. When having some sort of emotional involvement cannot make rough decisions quickly. Past ghost still haunt him. Weakspots on his body, Him being undead is a curse. His powers can sometimes backfire on him if he uses to much. often over exters himself.
Weapon+Style:SURPRISE Only I thought a 7 to 8 food sword was cruical! Very Happy

2 Springfield Armory .45 ACPS

Details:Looks like

But with this hoodie and black hair.

Backstory(Optional):When he was alive he tried to disguise himself as a human. He sucesfully did so, and everyone believed it. It was because of his own emotions he passed as a human. He grew fond of someone, and before accepting it, everything was gone in front of him. Someone told him, his wife had been murdered, and he relentlessly went out in search of who killed his wife. His son was also a casuality, Cecil Jr his son, Ivy his wife. He wanted to protect them, but he couldn't it unlocked something inside of him, realising he wasn't even a Human, just awakened more anger inside of him. He forgot he was a knight, and elementalist. And so, when that was pushed to the forefront, he started to break down. He had no choice but to accept his heritage. If he were to return home, everyone would have outcasted him regardless. It was visible, He had disgraced his own race. and so, He remained on earth. though seemingly immortal there he deserved the punishment he was recieving, he was casted to a life of loniless as long as he remained on earth.


Race: Dragon-kin
Age: 23
Powers: Can breathe blue lightning. Resistance to elemental attacks. Swift.
Weaknesses: Not as powerful physically as other Dragon-kin. Can't take hits well. Using lightningbreath uses a lot of energy.
Weapon+Style: Swift attacks with a rapier. Look for an opening, attack, then retreat.


Name: Lyzik (or Kaiden Aries, as he now goes by)
Race: Esper
Age: 347
Powers: Near flawless knowledge of all forms of magic
Weaknesses: Poor close quarters fighting skills. Reliance on absorbing energy around them.
Weapon+Style: Magic disciplines, ranging from purely destructive to summoning and conjuration, to illusions and healing.

Details: Spends most of his time in a corporeal form, which varies, but he usually appears as a tall middle aged to elderly man, with graying hair, stubble and with his eyes 'closed' most of the time. He's usually seen wearing a black and red robes.

Backstory(Optional): Kaiden was never happy with the way his kind lived. He hated the idea that Espers were reliant on, and at the whim of, other beings, most commonly Knights. He believed that Espers should be ruling these weaker, lesser beings, not serving. Over the years, nothing changed and the hatred became fanaticism, and twisted his ethereal form into something dark.
Something evil.
He not only hated the way his race lived, he began to loathe the very sight of them. Soon, he was convinced that they were weak, that only he had the right to rule.
One day, two of his kind came to him, pleading with him to return to his senses. However, all they were met with was death, as he absorbed their energy, using the darkest of Esper techniques.
He left before word got out. They would never accept him back, nor did he want them to. He was the only one strong enough to do what needed to be done. He donned his human form, and changed his name, all in the name of taking the world as his own.

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